In order for this not to happen, you should stock up on strength and find motivation. How to do it – said fitness trainer Anita Lutsenko in the Wowbody slim project.

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Sometimes even “eternal lighters” require refueling. If there is little or no fire, where can one get inner strength and how not to stop there?
– said Lutsenko.

How to find motivation

  • Break big goals into small ones – this will allow you to see results more often and be inspired.
  • Praise yourself for any achievement and victories, even if they are insignificant.

Did you plank 15 seconds longer than yesterday? Pride! Did you eat 1 instead of 2 sweets? Well done!
– emphasized the coach.

  • Compete with yourself. You need to compare yourself not with others, but with the one you were yesterday, because today you know and can do more.

In order to achieve a result, you need the right motivation / Pixabay Photo

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  • Be close to those who motivate you and inspires. With like-minded people it is much easier to achieve results and achieve goals.
  • yours the goal should always be in front of your eyes. A sticker on your desktop, a screensaver on your phone, a note on the fridge and your brain will start working.
  • Enter new good habits. Charging in the morning, walking in the evening, stairs instead of an elevator, etc.