Star trainer Andrei Khomitsky showed an effective set of exercises for beginners that will make every abdominal muscle work. This training will be useful for those who are constantly a victim of their excuses. Work out and improve your body with Ideas 24!

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Press workout from Andrey Khomitsky

  • Side crunches: 15 reps per side;
  • Raising the pelvis with an exit to the rectangle: 15 reps;
  • Scissors with fixation: 15 reps;
  • Walking on elbows + Jack: 15 reps;
  • Versatile arm and leg raises + simultaneous twisting: 15 reps;
  • Slow twist + 3 short: 15 reps;
  • Stretching.

Number of laps:

  • Beginners – 2
  • Lovers – 3
  • Experienced athletes – 4.

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Text of Andrey Khomitsky’s publication:

Newbies are you ready? Catch abs workouts.


side crunches 15 times each side
pelvic lifts with exit to the rectangle 15 reps
scissors with fixation 15 reps
Elbow Walking + Jack 15 reps
versatile arm and leg raises + simultaneous twisting 15 reps
slow crunches + 3 short 15 reps

After completing the task, it is obligatory to write those who managed to carry out training despite the circumstances, how did you manage to not go on about the difficulties? This will be useful to those who are constantly found to sacrifice their excuses.