You can replace not only milk, but also cheese and sour cream. How to do it right – told nutritionist and nutritionist Tatyana Batyn.

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Milk “does not enter” or it is necessary to refuse it, but you really want tastes, emotions … We are looking for a replacement. Replacement is not always complete in composition, but it is possible, and this will help the brain survive the rejection and enjoy trying something else,
Batyn noted.

What to replace milk

You can drink water or mineral table water. In coffee, you can choose an alternative: coconut, almond, oat, buckwheat, poppy or soy milk. For baking, you can use water, vegetable milk or a banana.

What to substitute for cheese

  • soy cheese tofu;
  • hemp cheese, urda, miso;
  • hazelnut and coconut cream cheese;
  • cashew cheese;
  • coconut cheese;
  • fresh cheese made from whole coconut and soy milk.

For bread, you can use coconut cheeses with mozzarella flavor, soft tofu. Other options to consider include avocado, guacamole, parmesan-free pesto, and squash caviar.

Tofu is a delicious alternative to cheese / Pixabay Photo

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What to replace cottage cheese

  • Green buckwheat. According to the nutritionist, it needs to be soaked overnight and ground in a blender. Berries and vanilla can also be added there.
  • Tofu (silky, dessert, soft). You can make delicious cheesecakes from it.
  • Millet (also suitable for cheesecakes).

What to replace sour cream

Homemade mayonnaise can be added to dishes, olive and linseed oil, tahini, coconut and soy sauces, guacamole can be added to salads.

Alternative to yogurt

  • coconut yogurt;
  • soy;
  • chia pudding with vegetable milk.

How to replace oil

Here, too, there are several options: ghee (without casein and lactose), coconut oil, coconut manna and vegetable oils.

All these replacements are not the same in composition and taste, but this is a good alternative for those who want to solve skin problems, PCOS, insulin resistance, food intolerances, allergic diseases,
Tatyana Batyn emphasized.