Ideas 24 has prepared for you a photo selection of things that, thanks to the self-isolation of the owners, have changed beyond recognition. Perhaps this will inspire you.

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1. Incredible transformation of the bathroom into a stylish and sophisticated area for relaxation

boredpanda photo

2. A little bit of cleaning, good mood, help from furry helpers and voila – the relaxation area is ready

Photo reddit

3. An ingenious project – a bunk bed for glasses. What do you think, Elon Musk?

Photo reddit

4. Colossal work on the reincarnation of the table

kienthuk photos

5. Treat your little friend with a DIY tower to play with from cardboard boxes.

Pinterest photo

6. Now you can have a fantastic BBQ weekend in your backyard.

Photo ya-superpupe

7. This house finally got a change – the result is impressive

Photo ntv

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8. Embroidery on a black canvas is stylish, fashionable, aesthetically pleasing

trollno photo

9. Fantastic transformation of the room

photo goodhouse

10. The flowerpot stand looks like a designer item.

Photo reddit

11. Original shelves on the wall. Practical, stylish, beautiful

boredpanda photo

12. Cute doll made from old fabric

joemonster photo

13. The handmade armrest has a shelf for various “little things” and inputs for charging smartphones or other gadgets

Photo reddit

14. An idea for those who have everything in order with imagination and patience – an ingenious picture from coins

facebook photo

15. Cozy and beautiful corner for relaxation

Pinterest photo

16. Embroidered picture on the wall in a frame

boredpanda photo

17. Painting from cut fabric. Looks very stylish

Photo elkilombonews