Often, holiday films are melodramas, where couples meet just before the holidays, and everything happens according to the classics, where “they lived happily ever after.” But in fact, New Year’s tapes come in different genres.

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OLL.TV gives you the opportunity to enjoy the most interesting holiday movies in good quality. From action films and comedies to cartoons and melodramas: in this selection everyone can find the perfect movie for the evening.

  1. Who is dad in the house

It often happens that after a divorce, one of the spouses realizes that he made a mistake and wants to return everything. This happened to Dusty: after a while after the break with Sarah, he decided to return to the family.

However, not everything is so simple, because the wife managed to get married a second time, and now another man lives with her and the children – caring Brad. Will the main character be able to return the lost love, or will Brad still win? Watch atmospheric comedy on OLL.TV.

“Who’s daddy in the house”: watch the trailer

  1. Noel

The plot of the film revolves around several New Yorkers who have much bigger problems at Christmas than buying presents. So, divorced Rose is trying with might and main to cope with caring for her sick mother, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Nina and Mike are on the verge of breaking up, and the elderly waiter Artie cannot come to terms with the death of his beloved wife and is trying to find her reincarnation. At Christmas, such different stories intertwine.

The heroes of the tape understand what they want from life: they are just trying to find their happiness and share it with others, because Christmas is the time when wishes come true. So if you are missing a true story about the holidays – choose the tape “Noel”.

American drama “Noel” / Photo by Rotten Tomatoes

  1. Krampus

The mystical American horror film “Krampus” will surprise you with a fantastic plot. In the center of the picture is Max’s family, always celebrating Christmas without much enthusiasm. The boy sincerely believes in the holiday and looks forward to it.

Max wrote Santa a huge letter, where he voiced all his childhood fears, and wished that everything in their family was fine. But having gathered at the table, his sisters find the letter and laugh at the boy. Max starts crying and screaming that he doesn’t believe in Christmas anymore. Suddenly, the evil demon Krampus wakes up, chasing all the naughty children. Monsters led by Krampus attack Max’s house. Will they leave anyone alive? Watch a fascinating fantasy horror film on OLL.TV.

Film about the demon Krampus: trailer

  1. Sleepless in Seattle

The events of the melodrama unfold just before Christmas. The young architect Sam survived the loss of his beloved wife and does not seek to look for a new relationship. However, his son John has a different opinion: he cannot come to terms with the fact that dad is lonely, and is trying with all his might to find a mate for him.

And now, on the air of the night radio, a child’s voice sounds, which is looking for a wife for his father and tells how good Sam is. A man joins the call and reveals the story of his lost love. The poignant air struck all the listeners, including the journalist Annie. The girl was amazed at how she understands this man. It seemed to her for a moment that only next to Sam would she feel loved. But will he love her? Find out by watching Sleepless in Seattle.

Frame from the film “Sleepless in Seattle” / Photo smartfacts

  1. dream factory

In the center of the events of this cartoon is the girl Mina, who lives with her dad in a cozy house in the village. The heroine’s life changes dramatically when her father’s new girlfriend with her daughter Jenny moves in with them. The girl is arrogant, so they are uncomfortable living in the same room.

One day, Mina learns that a magical world exists behind a crack in the wall, where people’s dreams are created by fairy-tale characters. The girl finds her dream maker there, named Gaff, who designs and produces all the stories that she sees at night. Mina admires this world and is looking for an opportunity to change her relationship with her sister, because there you can influence a person’s behavior. Will she be able to overcome all the obstacles – look at OLL.TV.

Dream Factory Cartoon / Photo multiplex

  1. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

The picture captivates viewers so much that they started a tradition of watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory every year. The tape tells the story of a poor boy Charlie who suddenly wins a ticket for a unique tour of a chocolate factory where sweets are mysteriously prepared. The review for visitors is carried out by the owner of the confectionery Willy Wonka.

He plans to give chocolate that will last a lifetime! Will Charlie be able to fulfill his dream and complete the journey to the end? The solution is hard to imagine.

Frame from the film “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” / Photo by afisha

  1. star dust

The plot of the film begins in a small English village, and subsequently transferred to a magical and mysterious other world.

A star falls near the village. Seventeen-year-old Tristan promises his beloved Victoria that he will find and bring her. The hero goes to the wall that protects the village from the rest of the world, and realizes that there is an unusual magical land behind it. On his way he will meet the conspirators-sons of the king, a powerful witch, a cunning merchant, a captain of a pirate ship. But will he take care of his love – look at OLL.TV.

Frame from the film “Stardust” / Photo by k1

  1. Hunt for Santa

In the center of the plot is an interesting and unusual story about Santa. Christmas is coming, and the main character is not in a festive mood at all. The bearded man’s business becomes unprofitable, because the number of naughty children is growing every year. Santa decides to reduce the number of gifts and instead give pieces of coal in colorful wrappers.

Klaus’ life changes dramatically when he is hunted. War on Santa was declared by the grandson of the millionaire Billy. The boy just received a piece of coal wrapped in paper as a gift. The schoolboy hires a professional killer to punish the magic grandfather, so the audience is waiting for a comedy action movie and a really fierce “Santa Hunt”.

“Hunting for Santa” / Photo by ollcdn