Human imagination is limitless. This also applies to newlyweds who come up with the most original wedding dresses. In the selection of photos of such outfits, ranging from a dress made of toilet paper and chocolate, to a multi-colored condom outfit 🙂


This unusual wedding dress is made entirely of condoms, made especially for the Condom Fashion Show in Beijing, China.

condom wedding dress

Khaki wedding dress by designer Erica Sarkozy

Here is another original wedding dress idea. This is not actually a real wedding, but a reality show on British TV, where the participants were supposed to appear in such outfits in the city center

And it’s better not to smoke near this dress, it’s made of paper

And here is a classic-looking wedding dress, but at any time you can turn on the backlight, dozens of bright built-in lanterns will light up

Baker Valentin Stefano and his fiancee Victoria demonstrated their original wedding dresses in Uzhgorod. The bride’s dress is made from flour, eggs, sugar and caramel. The dress consists of 1500 cream cakes and weighs 10 kilograms. It took 2 months to create


This cute wedding dress is far from expensive designer models. It’s made from toilet paper, tape and glue. The designer of the dress, Ann Kagawa from Honolulu, was inspired by Gone with the Wind and Japanese Origami.


If you are a patriot, then it will not be difficult for you to sew an original wedding dress from the national flag. Here is an example:

Julie Williams, 45, and Dylan Hollroyd, 49, arranged an unusual wedding. Gothic style wedding dresses, heavy shadows on the eyes, what else do you need for a gothic wedding?

Chantal Cody and Ian Stewart created a chocolate wedding dress. The dress was showcased at Chocolate Week 2008

The selection includes the most original wedding dresses that we managed to find on the vast expanses of the Internet. Thank you for your attention)