The beer can schooner regatta is held annually in the Australian town of Darwin. The first such swim took place in 1974, and since then a lot of participants and spectators have been attracted every year.
beer can regatta

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The main requirement for the participants is that their ships must be assembled from beer cans and milk cartons. The ships are not tested for buoyancy before the championship, and this also lies in the additional intrigue, since most of them fall apart before being submerged.
beer can ships

In addition to the swim itself, many other interesting competitions are organized here – for example, a beach slipper throwing competition, and a number of other fun activities.

The organizers and ideological inspirers of the first regatta in Darwin were Lutz Frankenfeld and Rice Chapman from the local tourism development association. They entered into a sponsorship agreement with a local brewery. At the same time, they came up with the idea that swims can be arranged not on classic schooners, but on those created from empty tin cans. Some of them even attached engines from motor boats.

At present, the competition has grown so much that even the local Association of Beer Regattas has been created, which also contributes to the development of tourism in the region, since this is the most visited event of the year in these parts, which lovers of fun from all over the world know about

A similar festival is held in our country, it is sponsored by Red Bull and is called FlugTag, where participants on makeshift devices jump from springboards into the water