6-year-old pit bull Bubba has always been obsessed with cats. It started when his human mom, Rebecca Pizzello, rescued him from an orphanage in Phoenix. At that time he was only 3 months old. Rebecca’s roommate took care of the litter of kittens, and Bubba quickly became friends with them. Finally, after 6 years of waiting, the owner gave the pit bull his own kitten.

pit bull and kitten

“I always knew that Bubba would love to have her own kitten, but we were only able to get one after 6 years,” says Rebecca. She adopted a tiny ginger kitten from a shelter, as well as a pit bull 6 years ago. The dog was beside himself with joy and immediately accepted the kitten.

After a few hours in the new home, the kitten fell asleep sweetly on Bubba. He perceives the pit bull as a mother and cuddles like a baby. They will definitely be a fun duo even when the kitten grows up. The animals of their shelter are always distinguished by special kindness and obedience. You can verify this by visiting a selection of 25 reasons to adopt an animal.