This museum was founded in honor of the most outstanding sculptor in France and will be of interest to anyone who is interested in the work of Auguste Rodin. Auguste Rodin (1840-1917) was one of the most famous sculptors of his time, highly revered in France. He is also called the father of modern sculpture. Unlike his predecessors with their mythological allegories, Rodin’s work was distinguished by stunning realism. Rodin was more than just a sculptor – his drawings and paintings were also magnificent, playing a significant role in the development of Auguste as an outstanding figure in the art world.

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History of the Rodin Museum

The Rodin Museum is housed in an 18th century mansion where the sculptor once lived and worked. The museum is located next to Les Invalides, a popular attraction in Paris, where Napoleon Bonaparte is buried. The mansion was originally created for the hairdressers of Paris, but later belonged to the Catholic Church, and eventually passed into the ownership of the city of Paris.
rodin museum
Immediately after entering the museum, you will see Rodin’s most famous sculpture – the Thinker, leaning thoughtfully on his own hand. Gates to Hell – another famous work of the master, as well as other lesser-known sculptures adorn the territory of the museum garden. In total, the Musée Rodin owns approximately 6,600 sculptures.
rodin museum
They are shared between this Parisian museum and the Villa des Brillants in Meudon, which Rodin has owned since 1895. The master made his sculptures from terracotta, plaster, bronze, marble, wax, cast glass and ceramics. Bronze and marble sculptures are preserved in the Paris Museum, including The Kiss, another famous work by Rodin.

The drawings of Auguste Rodin are as mesmerizing as his sculptures. The French historian and art historian Claude Yudrin says that “Rodin’s sketches were created by him as a sculptor, but not for his sculptures.” Rodin’s drawings really stand apart from the sculptures he creates.

Rodin also drew sketches before sculpting. Many of these drawings can also be seen at the Musée Rodin. It is said that Rodin liked to copy Rubens, and visitors will indeed see many such works in the museum. Rodin also enjoyed taking portraits of his family members and friends.

Visiting of museum

The Rodin Museum in Paris is open daily throughout the year. This wonderful museum also hosts a number of special programs, lectures and classes, including lectures for young children, so that they better understand what the museum’s exposition is about. Follow the news on the website of the museum to keep up to date with all the important and interesting events in one of the most popular museums in Paris.