1. Films can be evaluated in advance by fragments

Choose films in a new way.  6 reasons to try viju streaming service
Image: viju / Olga Revenkova / Lifehacker

It is not always possible to quickly find a movie by ratings of the best pictures or advice from film critics. You can scroll through the collections for hours, but never come across something that you have not seen yet, what is catchy or what suits your mood. Viju streaming has a tool that will allow you to quickly get the first impression of the picture and click on the “Watch” button. These are kinomes – short fragments with interesting moments from films, reminiscent of videos in TikTok. They don’t look like trailers at all: in promo videos, the editing is special and sometimes very different from reality, while movies retain the atmosphere of the film.

They are available in both the viju mobile apps and the streaming web version. Movies are collected in a personal My Channel feed, the principle of which is also similar to TikTok: go to the tab and swipe up to see a new one, or down to return to the video you just watched. Videos in “My Channel” can be liked and saved by clicking on the “bookmark”. Saved movies are collected in the “Collection” tab: use it to create a list of movies that you want to watch later.

2. A smart algorithm collects interesting movies in the “My Channel” section

Only useful recommendations get to “My channel”. All thanks to viju’s smart algorithms that learn the user’s preferences.

The system analyzes the history and patterns of viewing: which films or series the viewer did not watch to the end, which and where he paused, which moments he turned on twice, which actors often flash in his favorite movie.

To this is added an assessment of reactions to movies: the more likes and additions to the “Collection”, the more accurate the advice will be.

You can check how smart algorithm tips work even without a viju subscription. Interact with filmmakers on My Channel and watch the feed adjust to you. But it’s still worth pre-registering: this way personal recommendations will not be lost if you decide to subscribe.

3. Playlists will help you choose a movie according to your mood

Choose films in a new way.  6 reasons to try viju streaming service
Image: viju / Olga Revenkova / Lifehacker

If you think that you have already reviewed all the interesting horror or melodrama, take a look at viju’s main page. There are always movie playlists there, in which there is sure to be something interesting. They are dedicated to individual actors, genres, stories and other topics.

You can also find something to watch without scrolling through movies in viju. To do this, look in the section “I want …”. You won’t have to set up search filters for a long time: just indicate your mood, and the service will transfer you to a suitable selection from the catalog. This will help in situations where you know exactly what you are planning today – for example, laugh at a funny comedy or unravel a mystery in a thriller.

Select movie quickly

4. Movies can be searched by description

Finding the right movie in the viju catalog is easy, even if you don’t remember its name. The secret is in semantic search.

You can enter the name of the actor, a short description of the plot or a memorable detail into the line, and artificial intelligence will quickly analyze the collection and offer all the films that match the request.

For example, for the key “sports manager”, the service gives out several relevant options at once: “The Man Who Changed Everything”, “Million Dollar Baby” and “Jerry Maguire”. If the viju collection does not contain the desired picture, the semantic search will not leave you without a result – it will offer other options that match the given ones. You will not be left without a movie for the evening, and perhaps you will accidentally find a new favorite movie!

5. New items appear in the catalog every week

The viju collection contains thousands of top movies and series. The service focuses on the quality of content: editors are guided by the principle of “less is better, but good” and select only the most popular films.

The catalog is updated weekly. In addition to films and series, the service has a selection of TV channels: for example, TV1000 Russian Cinema, VIASAT History, ViP Comedy, ViP Serial and others are available live.

6. You can start watching movies for only 1 ruble

Choose films in a new way.  6 reasons to try viju streaming service
Image: viju / Olga Revenkova / Lifehacker

A monthly subscription to viju costs 299 rubles. All content is available on it: there will be no surprises with a sudden surcharge. You can watch viju on your smartphone, computer and smart TV. Simultaneously on five devices. But you don’t have to pay for a subscription right away.

You can try all the tricks of the streaming service and evaluate smart recommendations during the trial period for only 1 ruble. It usually lasts 14 days, but with a promo code LIFE35 will increase to 35 days. The promotional code is valid for a limited time – have time to activate it before November 30th.

Try for 1 ruble