In the past few years, very few good and really high-quality films have been released, therefore it was decided to prepare this selection, which includes the funniest comedies of several decades. The success of a comedy film is very simple: it has to be very funny. All the films on this list were made at different times and in different countries, but they all have one thing in common – they can be watched again and again. When viewing you will be guaranteed a great mood. The list has been compiled based on viewer reviews and ratings, and you can add your favorite comedies to it in the comments.


40 year old virgin

Steve Carell became very popular after he got the lead role in this film by Judd Apatow. In this comedy, he played a loser named Andy Sitzer, whose buddies try to help him in every possible way, discovering that at 40 years old he is still a virgin. This film became one of the most unexpected hits of the year, and one of the most popular comedies of the decade.


It’s hard to pick the funniest scene in Borat. “Jew-Run” is funny to the stomach, but other moments are also funny, like naked wrestling, or a rodeo where Borat sings a song about Kazakhstan’s excellent dung. This is a rather controversial and scandalous comedy, which was banned in many countries around the world. The movie outraged many real people, led to a series of lawsuits and the accusation of Sacha Baron Cohen of anti-Semitism, although he himself is a Jew. As a result of the big hype, many critics nevertheless spoke negatively about Borat, which did not prevent the comedy from gaining a good rating. Before watching, keep in mind that the humor here is specific and not everyone will like it.

Everyone is crazy about Mary

The Farrelly brothers spent 15 years trying to replicate the success of this beautifully romantic comedy from 1998, but they never managed to surpass their movie There’s Something About Mary. This is a very funny story of a beauty named Mary, who has the ability to charm all men without exception. A not very lucky and outstanding guy named Ted is also fighting for her heart … There are many moments in the film that will make the viewer laugh.

The Big Lebowski

The first time you watch The Big Lebowski, it’s easy to get confused by its plot. It intertwines a lot of storylines, sparkling humor and very well thought out characters. This hilarious comedy stars The Dude and his friends as he spends time bowling with them. To fully understand this film, it is better to watch it several times. Moreover, each subsequent viewing will be no less interesting and exciting. The Big Lebowski is a comedic classic with very subtle and high-quality humor.

Naked Pistol

The main character of the film is played by the legendary comedian Leslie Nielsen, who single-handedly confronts a criminal group planning an assassination attempt on the Queen of Great Britain. In this parody comedy, you can follow footage from the series about Lieutenant Colombo, James Bond and other famous films. As a result, the hero manages to save the queen and avoid an international scandal.

Dumb and Dumber

Primitive humor also has the right to exist, since while watching such a film, you can simply turn off your brain and laugh. In addition, “Dumb and Dumber” is one of the most popular funny comedies according to the results of many polls and ratings. It was this comedy that became Jim Carrey’s finest hour, making him one of the most popular actors in the world. This is a story about two idiots driving around different cities in a van that looks like a dog in pursuit of a beauty. In the near future to prepare for the release of the continuation of the film, 20 years after the release of its first version.


This is a great comedy from 1984, with an unusual and original plot. In addition to excellent humor in the film, there are powerful special effects, unusual for that time. Surely, many will remember those times when they watched with bated breath how brave ghost hunters save Manhattan from terrible creatures, and also laughed after the funny remarks of the main characters, constantly joking with each other.

Meet Dave

This is an amazing and funny comedy with elements of fantasy. The aliens come to Earth to save their own planet, but they do it in an extremely unusual way – by creating their spaceship in the image and likeness of a person. A car named Dave is controlled by a whole team of little people who have a very difficult task and many tests. The comedy is full of many events, where every second something funny awaits you.

Click, with the remote for life

The main role here is played by Adam Sendler, who very well managed to get used to and realize the director’s plan. In addition to being a very funny comedy, the film can be instructive for many, as it makes you think about life, loved ones, work and other important moments. It is quite possible that “Click” can even change your life. Well, if this does not happen, you will at least laugh heartily.

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

Another stellar performance by Jim Carrey and one of the funniest comedies of recent decades. The main character, pet detective Ace Ventura, investigates a lot of interesting cases, while getting into serious troubles, but getting out of them with honor and humor. Well, if you like this comedy, then be sure to watch its sequel, where one of the best comedians of our time revealed all his skills.


A very funny comedy about the adventures of friends who went to Las Vegas to celebrate a bachelor party. In the city of sins, the most unrealistic incidents happen to them, which threaten their return to the wedding … You will learn how everything was resolved by watching this funny film. And if you like it, you can always watch the second part of it.