There are such inventions that turn the whole world upside down and change the way people live. But for every successful invention, there are millions of unsuccessful attempts that from time to time make themselves known and even become fixed in history. They end up on lists of useless inventions like this one. Here are collected 25 such interesting, sometimes funny solutions.

useless inventions

Portable holder for standing rest

Apparatus for automatically pressing Control Alt Delete

Clothes dryer for car

Mop suit for a child. If you didn’t guess, then the child will not just crawl, but also do a useful thing – wash the floor.

Cigarette lighter-lens from solar energy

Exhaust grill device

toilet paper dispenser on head

Sweater for two people

Lip coloring assistant

Ideal eye drops

Handlebar Mount Tray

Unusual tube for oil

Umbrellas for shoes

Picnic Jeans

swiss army scoop

Protection from fines for dog owners 🙂

Noodle Cooling Fan

Snowball making machine

Subway sleep mount

Barefoot shoes

Full body umbrella

Rotating ice cream holder

diet water

Weird spoon holder

DVD fan

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