By adjusting your approach to weight loss, you can get the desired effect. Nadezhda Zhilina, a nutritionist, told how to do this.

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6 reasons why you can’t lose weight

  • Underestimation of daily calories

According to the nutritionist, in pursuit of a quick result, many girls choose low-calorie nutrition systems. Firstly, it negatively affects health, and secondly, it leads to constant hunger, breakdown and weight gain.

  • Low fat dairy products

There is no benefit in such products, but there is a lot of added starch and sugar to maintain consistency. Plus, it’s a fat-free option that won’t help you lose weight.

  • “Healthy” bars instead of sweets

There is an opinion that the usual sweets can be replaced with fitness bars. Nadezhda Zhilina clarified that, in fact, their composition and calorie content do not differ much from the usual chocolate. Therefore, you should not deceive yourself.

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  • Honey instead of sugar

Another common myth is that white sugar can be replaced with honey and still lose weight. According to the nutritionist, you need to understand that honey is the same sugar in terms of biochemistry.

  • 5 – 6 meals throughout the day

Frequent eating disrupts your hormones. Frequent meals are justified only for medical reasons,
– said Nadezhda Zhilina.

Those who decide to lose weight often forbid themselves a lot of products, dividing them into “good” and “bad”. According to the expert, there is no bad and good food. Everything depends on the quantity. But prohibitions are bad, because they interfere with losing weight and lead to breakdowns.