Businessman, candidate of pedagogical sciences and founder of the charitable foundation “Ludina. Rodina. Kraina” Oktay Aliyev interprets the phrase “to give children an education” in his own way. What he puts into this concept and how it can change the structure of the world, read in our material.

Oktay Aliyev expert

Man is born to learn. And do this at every moment of your existence, starting from the birth. When I was born, my father was 61 and my mother 42. My parents weren’t ready for a sixth child. Perhaps this was also a kind of life lesson for them. Today, after many years, I can say with confidence that they passed this life exam with excellent marks. I got a decent education – and it’s not about school or college. By education, I mean the value system that allowed me to go through the ups and downs and become who I am today.

Importance of parenting

Looking back at my life, I am even more convinced that all the people around us are the fruits of someone’s upbringing. Therefore, do not be surprised by modern people: their behavior and human qualities are also the result of someone’s training.

I am grateful to my parents for teaching us to appreciate each other since childhood. From a young age, my brothers and sisters and I understood that we were already parents too: now one for the other, and in the future for our children. Perhaps then our young minds did not quite realize the highest degree of responsibility for what a new person would be like, but they clearly understood that the success of a child depends on the upbringing that they give him. I will say more – the people, thoughts, space that surround the child should help him find out his purpose, his individual program of self-improvement, and hence happiness.

Life was not created just for the sake of life. Life was made for our learning

From birth, we move towards the spiritual world. This path lies through the material world, but how we go through it and whether we go through it in principle depends on our education. And its quality depends on us only from a certain age, and begins with the father and mother. A man and a woman who are preparing to become parents are already taking responsibility for the quality of their child’s upbringing – a new part of the universe system. For this system to have a qualitative form, clear, professional knowledge is needed, which can only be obtained by teaching communications and the relationship between them.

Oktay Aliyev about raising children


Children learn on their own

Children don’t need to be taught. They themselves will learn everything by looking at their parents and everyone around them. And yes, even on you reading these lines! But everything, of course, begins with the family. I have identified the main principles that underlie a happy union worthy of being an example for children.

  • Intention. It is extremely important that future partners, or those who are in a relationship, before creating a married couple, should ask themselves the question: “Why do I want to have a family?”. The answer to this key question will be the main intention that decides everything. If people have different goals, they must weigh them, figure it out and consciously make a decision – to be together or leave in order to continue life on Earth responsibly, finding their like-minded person and passing on your common bright values ​​to a new person.
  • Trust. This quality includes all aspects of life. Trust must be in finances, in relationships, in decision making and in accepting the partner’s mistakes. Interestingly, trust also needs to be learned and taught to children.
  • Ability to forgive mistakes. Ideal people do not exist. Each person will make mistakes, it is simply inevitable and one must be prepared for this, but it does not always work out. It remains only to learn to accept and forgive them. Children do not know how it is, therefore, in this matter, parents are always an example for them. Remember this.
how to raise a child


Parent Functions

The responsibility of parents for the education of their children is indeed very high. But you don’t have to be afraid of it. Each of us, having the intention to raise a worthy person and working on himself for this, can cope with this task. Parenting involves the performance of two important functions by parents:

  • reveal the predisposition of your child;
  • organize a training program for him in accordance with his natural inclinations.

It is this approach that leads to the fact that the consciousness of people is completely transformed and opens up a completely different level of life for us – to the highest result with the least labor costs. These changes improve the quality of life in all areas: in health, relationships with a partner, relatives, relatives, at work. The family becomes the place where you want to be. The world is changing for the better.

I myself went through a difficult path to understanding many things and internal transformations, therefore I understand that an adult can change internally only thanks to himself. Children are more flexible and open to change, they just need the right “parents” on the way. Many years ago, I founded a charitable foundation that constantly invests in the education of children, in developing their natural talents and helping them to become closer to their destiny. This is only a small part of what can be done, but the road will be mastered by the walking one. We must develop in ourselves those qualities that help us acquire a new energy purity, change the world through ourselves and thereby educate people of a new generation – already happy and successful simply by birthright.