Many are already accustomed to the fact that the mouse is an ordinary laser device with two (or more) keys and a scroll wheel (or without it at all). It would seem – well, what else can be added to this simple design? In principle, in a practical sense, you don’t need to add anything, but as for design, the most extraordinary minds have unlimited space for action =) What the flight of thought of computer mouse designers leads to – see in this selection of 10 of their most extraordinary creations)


Travel mice in the shape of your favorite car

Attention car lovers! Now you can surf the web with an officially licensed replica of your favorite car in your hand.



Road Wireless Mice have 800dpi resolution for better accuracy, and you can turn the lights on or off for longer battery life=)


When purchasing such a mouse, the buyer also receives a personal registration number, just like with a real machine)


Mouse in the form of a female body

Tired of working at a computer and not feeling anything at the same time? Well, with the Pat-Says-Now Body Optical Mouse, you’ll be touching and moving an arousing female body dressed in fancy lingerie across a table or rug…all day

body mouse

pic_body_big0mouse pat says now body limited

World of Warcraft Mouse

This mouse will not leave indifferent true connoisseurs of this famous game! What would Warcraft be without a stylized mouse?) So did the SteelSeries gaming peripherals when they created the SteelSeries World of Warcraft Mouse for their 11 million dedicated users) It would take three hands with all fingers to match the number of buttons on this mouse. That’s right – 15 programmable buttons adorn this “rodent”‘s eye-catching cyborg-like appearance, and each of them was designed in collaboration with Blizzard specifically for gamers. The developers have stuffed this poor mouse with all possible gadgets for gamers – including players can spend just a lot of time choosing the most beautiful backlight for themselves, because the world’s first mouse for Warcraft has no less than 16 million lighting options with 3 levels of intensity and pulsation!


“Microbial” mouse

The IOGEAR Wireless Laser Antimicrobial Mouse is a Titanium Dioxide and Silver coated nano structure that uses two mechanisms to deactivate enzymes and proteins and prevent a wide variety of bacteria, viruses, fungi and algae from surviving on the surface of the mouse. The effectiveness of this mouse body formulation has been tested and proven under isolated conditions, and the mouse has been found to be an excellent tool for medical offices, libraries, schools, and public computers in general.

Germ-Free mouse

Washable mouse

If a Germ-Free mouse doesn’t make you feel clean enough, try the Belkin Washable Mouse.

belkin mouse


Its water-resistant design allows the mouse to endure hand washing, it can even be placed under a faucet and nothing will happen to it)


Dirt, food, liquids, microbes, bacteria – everything is washed off instantly – you just need a little soap and water =)

computer-mouse-cleaning-belkin-washable-mouse-3belkin blue

“Finger” mouse

Next on our list is the Ring-Style Fingertip Mouse. This Japanese “finger” mouse is worn on the index finger and uses an optical sensor to track your movements – the pointing device also acts as a clicker, that is, you don’t have to press anywhere, just move your finger like when you click – and voila) The mouse is super compact and designed for use in tight spaces – you can even use your foot as a mouse pad – cool, right?)


Keyboard mouse

Sounds unusual somehow) Well, it looks no easier)) Adesso AKP-170 is a synthesis of a mouse and a mini-keyboard that allows laptop users to feel the convenience of a full-size external numeric keypad in a compact form. It functions as a numeric keypad and as an optical mouse.

The mini keyboard is located under a transparent cover that can be removed very easily. Also in the mouse there is an additional wheel for easier navigation of the network. This hybrid is innovative and portable, definitely designed for mobile professionals.


Mouse in the shape of a heart

Feel the love in every click of the Pat-Says-Now Red Heart computer mouse. This, of course, is not a diamond in the form of a heart, but for a computer fan, these things are almost equivalent)

heart mouse

Mouse in the shape of a hamburger

It’s a sandwich that won’t get a single crumb into your keyboard =) This hamburger-like mouse, in addition to its charming ergonomic design, also has a guarantee of 3 million clicks, which is about 1 million more than you will need in a lifetime, unless you play games like Diablo for days on end))

hamburger mouse

bamboo mouse

Become environmentally friendly with a cordless Eco-friendly Bamboo Mouse. Elegant for the leader, practical for everyone)