Los Angeles-based photographer Tim Tadder has just completed his new photography series, a wonderful project called Water Wigs. He shot exploding water balloons in such a way that at the time of the explosion they resembled a wig on the heads of bald men

water wigs

“We picked up a group of handsome bald men and threw water-filled balloons at their heads,” says Tim Tadder, who has gained prestige and made a name for himself in the field of advertising photography. The result is fashionable water wigs. Laser and sonic triggers were used to capture the right moments for each scene, creating a head of water hair that blends perfectly with the face.

water hairstyles
Tadder works with triads of colors to create images that are exciting and fun at the same time. He also chooses humorous titles for his photographs such as “Don King”, “Conquistador”, “Jesus”, “Monk” and others.