Imagine a parallel universe where animals are the dominant species and treat us the way the human race treats animals in our reality. Pretty scary picture, right? The good thing is that this is just the imagination of the author of these shocking illustrations that make us look at the attitude towards animals differently.

These pictures depict many scenarios that could directly affect us in another reality. People and animals are reversed here, and some of the illustrations are truly terrifying. This approach will help you look at the attitude towards animals from a completely different point of view.

“How disgusting they scream in boiling water” … – “They don’t scream, it’s just air coming out” … This dialogue clearly demonstrates how people justify eating lobsters alive. By the way, these are not the only animals that are eaten alive – there is a whole selection on this topic on LifeGlobe.

“He sings, which means he is happy”

And now for the filling…

This human skin coat is so trendy…