But there are situations when such attempts end unexpectedly, and the result is quite “interesting”. Ideas 24 made a selection of photos where you can see how people’s laziness defeated their common sense.

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1. Original vacuum cleaner bag

Photo reddit

2. Idea for those who do not like to wash dishes

Photo reddit

3. When too lazy to look for a plate or glass

Photo reddit

4. When you need to give a gift a festive look, but there is no desire to do it at all

photo figyelj

5. What is the plate for? Might as well be

Photo genial.guru

6. It seems that after this you still don’t have to wash the paint container

Photo trending

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7. Someone, perhaps, for the first time decided to cook with their own hands

Photo reddit

8. For those who have a lot of household appliances

Photo reddit

9. Very detailed description

photo figyelj

10. “Professional” mail delivery

brightside photo