But it is still possible to return the fragrance of freshness to clothes. Ideas 24 tells how to do it.

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Mold on clothes: causes

Sometimes it happens that you forget to pull wet clothes out of the washing machine in time, and an unpleasant smell appears on it, or even worse, mold spots. This can also happen with dry clothes if you have high humidity in your home.

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What not to do

If your clothes smell moldy, don’t wash them in a heavily perfumed detergent. This will only mask the smell for a while, but will not get rid of the main problem – mold. We also do not recommend using conditioner to soften fabrics, as its residues on clothes can accumulate and provoke the appearance of new mold.

How to deal with mold

You will need 2 products that you will definitely find at home: vinegar and soda. These simple ingredients will help get rid of mildew smell on clothes.

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It is also worth cleaning the washing machine well, because it can be the source of fungi. The drum retains dirty laundry and a lot of moisture.

Step 1. Vinegar

Place affected clothes into a straightening machine and set the temperature to the highest setting if this does not damage the fabric. Add vinegar to the drum: pour a glass of liquid evenly over all things. After that, turn on the machine, without adding detergent. The acids that vinegar contains in its composition help fight bacteria.

Step 2. Soda

Let’s move on to the next step. Put the clothes back in the washing machine, but this time add a large glass of baking soda to the fabric. Run the machine at a high temperature without adding any detergent. The baking soda will neutralize the odor residue on your clothes.

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Step 3. Dry in the sun

After double washing, dry the clothes in the fresh air. The sun’s rays have a disinfecting effect, this will help destroy the remaining bacteria. We recommend that you repeat the double wash afterwards, using a slightly smaller amount of vinegar and soda.

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