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To avoid failure, read the top reasons why leaders lose reputation.

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1. Inability to find a common language

This is one of the most common reasons why leaders fail. After all, the main task of a leader is effective management and coordination. In such cases, it is very difficult to achieve something without being able to find a common language with colleagues, management or subordinates.

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2. Inability to be flexible

The next fatal mistake of leaders is the inability to adapt to all the changes that are happening around. A true leader must be flexible and wise. This will help him always find effective solutions to problems.

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3. Narcissism syndrome

Every leader wants to be appreciated for their work. However, sometimes this desire leads to the fact that a person becomes narcissistic and does not notice anyone around at all.

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4. Fear of making mistakes

Some leaders are very afraid of making a mistake. Such a fear of doing something wrong can lead to inaction altogether. Wise leaders are able to analyze their own mistakes, work on themselves and turn weaknesses into strengths.

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5. Guilt

Since the leader is fully responsible for himself and for the team, from time to time he may have remorse and guilt for the mistakes made. This leads to self-doubt and self-doubt.

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