Ideas 24 will help you understand the factors that make you dislike Monday so much. It may eventually become my favorite day of the week.

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The natural rhythm of your body

There are physiological factors related to the body’s natural cycle. Especially the violation of this cycle affects people who have a traditional work schedule. From this it is clear that during the period of Saturday and Sunday our body relaxes, we have a different mode of sleep and rest. Therefore, until Monday, the natural rhythm of the body “goes astray”.


Loss of freedom

We are psychologically tuned to the fact that Saturday and Sunday is an opportunity to take a break from everything. Therefore, even if these days are heavily loaded, we still consider ourselves free from work. When Monday comes, we set ourselves up for work and are sure that we have lost the “freedom of the weekend.”

The most common reason why people find Monday difficult is that two days of freedom and enjoyment are over, said the Persian poet Hafiz.

We don’t love our job

Another reason we don’t like Mondays is the dislike of our work or the stress it can cause. This became especially noticeable during the pandemic. Even if we like the work, we can still have a negative attitude towards colleagues, to the manager, or simply be afraid of getting sick with the coronavirus in the workplace.

Whether it’s a demanding boss or unfriendly co-workers, feelings of anxiety and depression can set in as early as Sunday night, making it harder to enjoy going to work on Monday, Hafiz argued.

We haven’t prepared for the day

Monday can be tough even if we are not prepared for the start of the week. This applies to both mental and physical preparation.

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Everyone around is imposing a dislike for Monday. Therefore, on a subconscious level, we feel apathy throughout the day. Even though it may be a day off for us or when we go to work we love.

We live in a society where the majority have a negative attitude towards working days, relying on the position of “TGIF”, that is, they consider Mondays to be a common enemy, – said the American artist Stempfig.

Balance between personal life and work

If we work hard, sooner or later our body gets tired. This fatigue is especially felt on Monday. Our mind “gives” us indications that we could not make time on Saturday and Sunday for our relatives or even for ourselves. Consequently, we could not find a balance on the weekend and therefore Monday is considered difficult and gloomy.

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Heavy “transitions”

Many of us dislike Mondays because we have a hard time with change. It is difficult for us to “switch” from one psychological state to another, to start work after the weekend, to change the circle of contacts of relatives to colleagues.

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Another reason to dislike Monday is the unknown. That is, we do not know what to expect during the whole week. Especially this uncertainty scares us during a pandemic. We are afraid of being fired, getting sick, getting heavy workloads, and the like.

Live the weekend

Many people do not like their work, so even on Monday they look forward to the weekend. Don’t live on weekends. It is better to enjoy every moment and find the positive in every day, and not just on Saturday or Sunday.

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