Ideas 24 have prepared for you interesting ways to use tangerine peels. You will definitely need this.

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1. Dried skins can be put on shelves, drawers and in the closet with clothes

This will help prevent moths and provide cabinets with a pleasant citrus scent.

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2. Brewing tea with the addition of fresh or even dried tangerine peels makes the drink vitamin and incredibly fragrant

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3. Fresh tangerine peel can be used to make tangerine jam and candied fruits

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4. To provide potted plants with micronutrients, soak tangerine skins in water

Infuse the solution for at least a few hours, and then water the plants with it.

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5. Tangerine peel can be cut in the form of a “water lily”

The resulting “figurine” can become a candlestick for an aroma candle.

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6. You can make cool decor items from tangerine skins.

To do this, use a knife or kitchen molds to cut out the dough, “squeeze out” the corresponding figures.

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7. Dried tangerine skins can be used to kindle a fireplace.

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8. Dried and crushed skins can be added to pastries or for cooking meat

Dishes will have a special fragrant note.

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9. Dried mandarin skins can be ground in a blender to a state of flour, poured with water, mixed to a mushy state, and then applied to the skin in the form of a scrub

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