The Fear Factory is something like a haunted house. The attraction is located in Niagara Falls, Canada and is one of the oldest of its kind in North America. Many also call it the scariest haunted house in existence. In case you don’t believe them, the owners regularly post an updated stream of pictures showing the terrified faces of visitors screaming and grimacing in genuine fear. These photos have become a real internet sensation after being published by many websites and media.

factory of fear

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We have already written about the scariest rides in the world, and also published a selection with funny shots on roller coasters. Let’s continue this tradition with a selection of new funny photos

frightened visitors
This attraction is so frightening that visitors are even given a special “saving word” – a nightmare. They can say it at any time if they want to end the show and walk out. Over the 30 years of the nightmare factory’s existence, about half a million visitors passed all the tests to the end, while many refused, thereby falling into the “chicken list” of those who decided to flee. In total, there were a little more than 110 thousand such cowards.

frightened visitors
The entire tour takes 10 to 15 minutes and takes place in total darkness, except for a small red light on the walls and ceiling, which visitors must follow to get through the haunted house. Unlike conventional rides, the Nightmare Factory doesn’t rely primarily on blood and zombies. Everything here is designed to evoke fear – from live actors in terrible costumes that jump out of the dark, to scary monsters speaking in creepy voices. The whole tour is accompanied by growls, eerie music, ghost voices and screams.

The highlights are the wobbly drawbridge and the claustrophobic tunnel where visitors have to crawl and the walls are constantly narrowing. Also frightening is the sign that emerges from the pitch darkness and informs everyone that they must die. It is at this point that pictures are taken, the most interesting of which are then published for public viewing. It is on them that I suggest you take a look in this collection.

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