According to statistics, every fourth woman is unhappy with her breasts. And with age, this discontent only grows, turning into a complex. Of course, a woman’s breasts change a lot throughout her life, especially during pregnancy and lactation. Often, women make a choice in favor of the second, hoping then to put this part of the body in order. But even more often, everything remains as it is, further fueling their own discontent.

Why is this happening? After all, everywhere there is a lot of information about what and how to do, there are many opportunities to work with trainers, etc. But, most likely, a moment of lack of motivation and distrust of the final result is triggered here.

  • Yes, of course, the chest will never be the same as in youth.
  • No one has yet succeeded in increasing it by two or three sizes without surgical intervention.
  • And, of course, with a friend, she will always be better.

Here are the most popular go-aheads that can call into question not only the effectiveness of the sports study of the pectoral muscles, but also the expediency of this in general. But the most important thing that you should remember and repeat to yourself every time you doubt yourself: “Beautiful breasts are made by beautiful muscles and toned skin!” So there is something to reach out to, isn’t it?

Optical illusion

What do you imagine at the mention of the phrase “pump up the chest”? – Systematic exercises that tighten, pump up, make this very … breast more voluminous, right? But it’s not like that at all. It is a common misconception that chest and pecs are one and the same. The mammary glands themselves are unlikely to be enlarged by training, since they consist of “fat”, glands and connective tissue. But you can “pump up” muscles, large and small, in a few months of sports. But this must be done in combination with skin care, since it plays an important role here.

The thin layer of skin that covers the mammary glands tends to stretch and, as a result, sag. The larger the size of the breast, the harder it is for the shell. Only such actions as chest exercises, contrast showers, specialized cosmetic preparations, diet can save her from turning from young and beautiful to flabby and saggy, or help restore her healthy tone and elasticity.

Eat your chest!

The claim that special nutrition helps to influence breast size has both supporters and opponents. Our grandmothers also said that cabbage helps in this matter, but there is no practical evidence. But anyway, don’t say it, it has long been proven that it is the right diet that is the main factor in maintaining the breast in a “tight” shape. But only in combination with physical activity. And the point here is that when training muscles, a large amount of protein, minerals, and vitamins is required. And we can get them in the required amount from a rational diet. But the excess of carbohydrates and fats in the diet leads to weight gain and, again, to changes in breast volume. In addition to internal nutrition, it is necessary to take care of the skin of the chest and outside – this is the use of all kinds of nourishing and moisturizing creams and protection from excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays.

Let’s get down to business!

As for the actual physical exercises to improve the condition of the chest, they are nothing new or super complicated. In fact, they can be freely performed at home, sitting in front of the TV. It will be enough just to purchase small dumbbells, which will successfully replace bottles of water or sand. Any weighting agent will make the workout more effective and allow you to achieve results in less time.

To achieve good results, it is enough to perform a few basic exercises, but regularly and correctly.

Exercise 1: arm extension

Lie on your back, take weights. IP – arms extended in front of you, elbows slightly bent. As you exhale, spread your arms until your elbows touch the floor. There is no need to rush when performing this exercise, the slower it is performed, the more noticeable the load will be. As you exhale, return your hands to the starting position.

Exercise 2: push-up

Attention, when lowering, the body should form a straight line, the wrists and palms should be strictly under the shoulder joints, the palm should be directed straight forward with the fingers, the elbows, when bent, should be directed to the sides. Remember that by varying the distance between the palms, you use different muscle groups.

Exercise 3: clasping the palms in front of you

It is necessary to connect the palms as in prayer, the elbows should be spread apart and form a straight line with the wrists. Now you need to squeeze your palms with effort. A modification that significantly complicates this exercise is turning the closed palms forward.

Exercise 4: describing circles

Straight arms are spread apart and they need to quickly describe circles, an important condition is that the arms are tense, as if something is preventing the arms from making a full range of motion.

So you see, not everything is lost yet, and changing the statistics in the opposite direction is not so difficult. One has only to want, and the result will not keep you waiting!