Yukito Morita, a 27-year-old corporate employee in Kyoto, has a very unusual hobby. This hobby combines the love of art and bread, which, when combined, contributes to the creation of works of art. These lamps are really made from real bread. They can light up a room, filling it with warm tones and the smell of a fresh bun.

The artist has a huge weakness for bread. She even wanted to make a bread display in her room so she could look at it all the time. Yukiko’s excessive love for this product appeared when she was a student at the Kyoto University of the Arts.

While working in the studio on one of the projects, Yukiko became interested in a simple game with a French baguette. Later, the girl ate the bread from the inside, leaving only the shell. The moment of exposing a great creative idea was the stage when she raised the bread to the sunlight and saw what bright colors it poured.

Before choosing the perfect option, Morita made about 300 options. Luckily, she worked part-time at a bakery where she had the opportunity to practice on leftover bread.

In order to prevent moldy bread, Morita covers it with a special layer of resin. Later, she places LED bulbs inside the shells. The bread is not burned, but acquires a bright color and a delicious smell that spreads in space.