Thermal underwear is a modern equipment that has replaced diverse underpants and other underwear. This type of equipment was born more than ten years ago and is currently very popular not only among lovers of outdoor activities, hunting and fishing, but also used in the cold season in everyday life.


  1. The best manufacturers of thermal underwear
  2. The principle of operation and types of thermal underwear
  3. The main criteria for choosing thermal underwear
  4. Which thermal underwear is best to give preference

choose thermal underwear

The best manufacturers of thermal underwear

The release of thermal underwear is currently carried out by many manufacturers of fishing and tourist equipment, it is their products that should be given preference:

  1. Fisherman
  2. Graff
  3. angler
  4. norfin
  5. Thermoguard
  6. Drennan
  7. Comfortica

Before deciding on the choice of a particular model, you should read user reviews regarding the advantages and disadvantages of a particular set of equipment. The easiest way to do this is to ask a question on a thematic fishing or tourism forum, as well as in a specialized group on a social network.

The principle of operation and types of thermal underwear

Modern thermal underwear is a thin wearable equipment designed to solve the pressing issue of thermoregulation and moisture exchange during intensive use in the cold season. Properly selected thermal underwear is designed to solve three main problems:

  1. Provide maximum protection from the cold at the appropriate temperature;
  2. Quickly remove moisture formed during active movement from the body to the outside;
  3. Provide maximum comfort and pleasant tactile sensations during operation and not create discomfort;

Thermal underwear is based on modern membrane fabrics with high vapor permeability and heat resistance. This parameter displays the amount of moisture that one square meter of material can remove in 24 hours. The higher this value, the faster the steam removal process and the more expensive, respectively, the membrane.

All thermal underwear on sale can be divided into the following types.

Moisture-repellent thermal underwear

Moisture-repellent thermal underwear

It is made of high-quality synthetic fabric, its main task is to remove moisture from the body during intensive use. An integral attribute is a small thickness and an anatomical, body-fitting cut. Almost all models of this class belong to the type of so-called “underwear” thermal underwear worn on a naked body.


  • Quality cut;
  • Hypoallergenic;
  • Does not absorb the smell of sweat;
  • A large number of models and sizes;
  • High characteristics of moisture removal;
  • Nice texture;


  • Low heat resistance;
  • In the cold season, additional insulation is required;

Heat-saving thermal underwear

Heat-saving thermal underwear

Warm, dense and “loose” clothing designed for use in the cold season. Due to its structure, it perfectly retains heat and does not allow the body to overcool. It also has a moisture wicking function, thanks to which it is used over thin moisture-repellent thermal underwear.


  • Warm, dense and pleasant to the touch;
  • Can be used in combination with thin thermal underwear;
  • High-quality performance, anatomical cut;
  • Excellent “sits” on the body, does not cause discomfort;


  • Insufficient vapor permeability characteristics;

In addition to the above classes, combined thermal underwear is on sale. Such models have absorbed the advantages of the above types and practically lost their shortcomings. Of the minuses of such equipment, only the high cost is singled out, and therefore the opinions among the users of such models are divided into two camps – some consider such models to be ideal, others see no reason to overpay and put on thick fleece thermal underwear over thinner, synthetic ones.

The main criteria for choosing thermal underwear

thermal underwear selection criteria

The materials from which the equipment is made

  1. Natural cotton. Soft, thin and pleasant material. Widely used in the manufacture of hunting and fishing thermal underwear. It has good thermal protection and good vapor permeability, but requires free removal of moisture to the outside. In the event that such thermal underwear gets wet, discomfort cannot be avoided;
  2. Wool is widely used in the creation of heat-saving thermal underwear. Differs in good operational characteristics and unpretentiousness in leaving. Minus – mediocre vapor permeability;
  3. Synthetic materials are the basis for the manufacture of moisture-repellent thermal underwear. They perfectly remove sweat and do not retain it inside, they are not prone to the spread of bacteria and the appearance of an unpleasant odor. The most popular among manufacturers is polyester and polyamide with the addition of elastane fibers for maximum stretch. The disadvantage is manifested in the need for careful care of such clothing, as well as in the requirement to use thick woolen or fleece thermal underwear in the cold season;

Vapor permeability indicators

A key parameter showing whether your back will sweat during active loads. It is measured in millimeters of moisture per square meter of fabric removed in 24 hours. The minimum value that can provide decent comfort is 5000-7000 millimeters. The best samples of thermal underwear have a value of this parameter at the level of 15000-2000 millimeters, due to which steam removal is carried out almost instantly.

Temperature mode of operation

Another parameter that should be given special attention, especially when it comes to choosing thermal underwear for use in the cold season. It is indicated in the form of the minimum air temperature at which a particular model is able to perform the functions assigned to it in the presence of appropriate outerwear.


An indicator indicating for which intensity mode this or that thermal underwear is intended. Gradation for many manufacturers includes three main degrees:

  1. Low mobility – winter fishing in a tent, ambush hunting;
  2. The average value of the intensity of the load – short-term transitions, drilling holes;
  3. High activity – long walks, skiing and skating;

The more a person moves at the same temperature, the more vapor permeability thermal underwear will have and the more expensive its final cost will be.

Which thermal underwear is best to give preference to?

which thermal underwear to prefer

Regardless of the purpose for which this or that thermal underwear is selected, its size must correspond to the dimensions of the person wearing it. Thermal underwear should not hinder movement, cuffs located on the wrists and ankles, as well as in the waist area, should not rub and cause discomfort.

Choosing women’s thermal underwear

The characteristics of women’s thermal underwear largely depend on the mode in which it will be operated:

  1. For everyday wear, it is best to prefer high-quality combined thermal underwear;
  2. With intense physical exertion and sports, you should look towards synthetic models;
  3. When operating in the cold season, the best choice would be warm woolen thermal underwear worn over thin synthetic;
  4. In case of increased sweating, the choice is best made in favor of hypoallergenic synthetic underwear treated with special antibacterial impregnations;

Choosing men’s thermal underwear

  1. Everyday urban operation in the demi-season mode involves the use of combined thermal underwear worn under everyday clothes;
  2. Cold winter will require the use of thick woolen or fleece underwear with maximum thermal insulation characteristics;
  3. An active rhythm of life and outdoor sports in the winter period of time imply the use of thin moisture-repellent thermal underwear, which is worn under training equipment;

Features of choosing thermal underwear for a cold winter

The lower the ambient temperature, the higher the thermal resistance of the thermal underwear used, and therefore the use of warm winter equipment made of fleece or natural wool, designed for a specific operating temperature. For greater confidence, it makes sense to put thin synthetic thermal underwear under it, which will quickly remove moisture from the body during unforeseen physical activity.

Features of choosing thermal underwear for everyday wear

Optimal for the urban rhythm of life is combined thermal underwear from well-known manufacturers of equipment for outdoor activities. Given the stylish and concise design, many users often use it as independent clothing. Preference should be given to models with maximum vapor permeability. Thermal resistance is entirely dependent on the specific operating conditions and is selected exclusively for it.

Features of choosing thermal underwear for fishing

  1. Intensive spinning fishing in the warm season involves the use of thin synthetic equipment, over which a demi-season fishing suit is worn;
  2. Feeder or float fishing in the cold season will require the presence of two layers of thermal underwear – thin, synthetic and fleece, over which a suit is worn corresponding to the temperature regime;
  3. Winter fishing will require the use of two or three layers of thermal underwear – one thin and one or two dense ones, over which a breathable winter suit is worn with the necessary indicators of temperature resistance and vapor permeability.

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