• Quiet
  • Calm
  • static

but at the same time:

  • highly efficient
  • Pleasant
  • Therapeutic

It’s hard to believe, but it’s all about this kind of physical activity, like callanetics, which has recently become a kind of panacea not only for excess weight, but also for poor posture, problems with the back and joints. Considering that it was invented just in the first place to solve these problems, then its rating becomes even higher. Losing weight here is a nice bonus with which your body responds to decent care for it.

Stretching pleasure

Callanetics – This is a set of static exercises with which you can stretch and contract all muscle groups well. With the help of a system of exercises, deep muscle groups are activated, which allows you to achieve excellent results in a short time. The activated muscles quickly acquire firmness and elasticity. As a result, the most desirable places for a beautiful design are perfectly strengthened and tightened:

  • abdominal Press
  • buttocks
  • legs
  • arms
  • shoulders
  • back
  • hips

Static loads contribute to the elimination of body fat, the acquisition of a beautiful relief and shape, which only adds to the attractiveness of the figure.

Without departing from the principles

Basic Principleswhich will help not only to understand the essence of callanetics, but also make training more understandable, are:

1. Stops

During the performance of static exercises, it is necessary to make delays for 60-120 seconds, which help to maintain tension and tone in the muscles, which contributes to their active study. During stops in a certain form, the muscles receive the necessary portion of oxygen, which has an excellent healing effect on the body.

2. Breathing technique

Since all muscle groups are activated during callanetics and stops are used, it is necessary to observe proper breathing here. Correct breathing technique will allow the muscles to contract at the microscopic level.

3. Repetitions

Each callanetics exercise must be performed 30-100 times. This must be done smoothly and without haste. When performing, you should feel complete comfort – if there is even the slightest unpleasant sensation or pain, the exercise should be stopped.

The results from such classes will pleasantly surprise you, because they will allow you not only to achieve results, but even to relax mentally. The main clear achievements with the correct execution of the exercises will definitely be:

  • weight loss
  • Figure smartness
  • beautiful posture
  • Increase in flexibility and plasticity
  • Elimination of pain in the spine and lower back
  • Increase in body tone
  • Normalization of metabolism
  • Mood improvement

It is thanks to all this that every year there are more and more fans of callanetics.

Everyone on the shoulder

Despite such impressive results, callanetics has practically no contraindications. Exceptions are for those who:

  • Had surgery
  • Has vision problems
  • Sick of asthma or varicose veins
  • Has severe back problems

But these exceptions are reduced to “no” with the correct correction of the training program, when the most dangerous exercises for a particular case are excluded. And in other cases, everyone can engage in this type of static load, even without special physical training, regardless of physique. And finally, it should be mentioned that callanetics justifies the proverb: “You go slower – you will continue!” So, good luck!