“Spirituality is eternal, and I want people to regard this sanctuary, how eternal way. All my work honors eternal life. I believe we are connected to all of this life and we cannot be separated.” William Rickets (1898–1993)

Entry related to location: Australia

The William Ricketts Sanctuary is an amazing open-air museum featuring 92 human and animal sculptures located on Dandenong Mountain, near Melbourne, Australia. We have quoted the artist himself so that you can imagine what he thought about life and unity and project his vision with a personal philosophical statement. Because this sanctuary is primarily in consciousness.

You are probably wondering who this artist is that you have never heard of and what is so special about this place that he called it a “sanctuary”. William Ricketts was a Richmond-born Australian self-taught potter and sculptor who made the decision to move to a remote location on Mount Dandenong in 1930. Here he devoted his whole life, trying to convey messages for posterity. He made frequent trips to Central Australia to live with the indigenous people of Pitjantjatjara and Arrernte, whose traditions and culture inspired his sculptures.