Tooth extraction is a rather complicated dental procedure. It involves the extraction of a damaged element from the oral cavity using mechanical action. Doctors perform such a manipulation if it is not possible to cure a broken or carious tooth. Also, the roots can be removed before other dental procedures, for example, before prosthetics, to eliminate inflammatory processes and eliminate discomfort in patients with anomalies of the dentition.

Methods of tooth extraction

Tooth extraction at Avtozavodskaya in Moscow is possible today at the Viva Stom clinic. It is located near the subway, so it is easy to get to. The clinic offers various types of such dental procedures. They can take place both under anesthesia and without the use of an anesthetic. Today, you can extract the dental unit in two ways – simple or surgical. The first method can only be used if secure tissue fixation is possible and there is good visibility for the dentist. For extraction, specialized forceps or an elevator can be used.

The surgical method of tooth extraction near the Avtozavodskaya metro station can be used in severe cases. Dentists choose it in that situation, if the doctor cannot see the root due to gum tissue, its incorrect location, etc. In this case, soft tissue incision can be made during extraction. Anesthesia is used to reduce pain. The latter can be both general and local. In the first case, the patient is immersed in drug-induced sleep. For local anesthesia in the clinic near the Avtozavodskaya metro station, various drugs can be used.

Preventive measures after extraction

To significantly reduce the possibility of complications, you should strictly adhere to all the doctor’s recommendations. Tooth extraction near the Avtozavodskaya metro station takes place in full compliance with all safety rules and hygiene standards. After the procedure is completed, the dentist will tell the patient what to do to quickly heal the hole in the gum and how to avoid side effects. Usually for this you should follow the following rules:

  • within three days to refuse solid and hot food;
  • avoid physical activity;
  • in the early days do not go to the bath or sauna;
  • do not forget about oral hygiene;
  • do not heat the site of tooth extraction.

Indications and contraindications

Tooth extraction at Avtozavodskaya in a Moscow clinic located near the metro can only occur if the patient has indications for such a manipulation. These include the following:

  • the presence of inflammatory processes in the form of fistulas, cysts, etc.;
  • the occurrence of severe pain;
  • fracture of the root or crown;
  • strong carious processes;
  • periodontitis;
  • pulpitis;
  • the need to install braces, prostheses or other equipment.

This procedure also has contraindications. You cannot sign up for an extraction at a clinic near the Avtozavodskaya metro station if a person is taking blood thinners or has problems with blood clotting. In addition, dental surgery cannot be performed in the following cases:

  • in the presence of serious diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • if the patient is under the influence of drugs or alcohol;
  • with exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • in the first or third trimester of pregnancy;
  • during acute respiratory infections.

Dentists do not recommend removing teeth during menstruation. It is dangerous to carry out the procedure in the presence of oncological diseases.