It is hardly necessary to remind once again how useful physical exercises are for a modern person. Have you firmly decided to put your figure in order, become more beautiful, more energetic and more successful? Well, it remains only to choose a place and time. It is important not to make a mistake here, because both home workouts and visits to a fitness club have their pros and cons. What factors are critical to you?


By purchasing a subscription for several months in advance, you get not only a good discount, but also an effective insurance against laziness: “The money is paid, which means you need to train.” Agree, it disciplines.

On the other hand, the point, of course, is not at all about money, but about what kind of person you want to become in these few months, and what you are ready to do for this. After all, many even turn classes in the gym into an occasion to “gossip on the bench.” If you don’t like distractions, maybe it’s better work on yourself lonely.

A teacher

However, it is equally important for a beginner train under the supervision of an experienced trainer. Its functions are very diverse: to correct mistakes when doing exercises, to inspire, to direct your efforts in the right direction … Under strict guidance, results usually appear faster.

If you can’t afford a coach yet, just try not to withdraw into yourself. You won’t mind anyway make friends with someone: Do more fun together! In addition, often enthusiasts know more about fitness than other certified instructors …

Important: Be sure to check with your doctor before you start exercising!


Is it good to spend every time extra hour and a half on the road to the gym and back? Everyone must answer this question on their own: it is a pity for someone to take time away from communicating with loved ones, others will be pleased with the opportunity to be away from the TV and refrigerator for at least a short time.

By the way: We wrote about how to reconcile training with a busy work schedule in the article Daily weight loss: 5 ways to find time


A strong argument in favor of home exercise: no need to look for sportswear. After all, no one sees you, except for the cat – you can practice even in shorts! (And don’t blush if something didn’t work the first time…)

Of course, at home the choice of exercise equipment is limited, but the minimum set of the most necessary equipment is hoop, jump rope, stepper or dumbbells – will cost you much cheaper than a gym membership. And the result depends more on your perseverance than on soulless objects.

New way of life

Ideally, physical activity should become a habit as soon as possible. That is why those who try to combine classes in the gym and at home are right. Exercise in a well-ventilated area or try to get outside as often as possible. Once you decide to train – do it with pleasure!