Choosing a good hive frame is an important task for every beekeeper. This applies to those who buy their first bee hive, as well as to beekeepers who renew existing hives. You can choose between traditional wooden or modern plastic models. Each has its own advantages. Pay attention to these tips to make a good choice.

Characteristics of frames for bees

If you want to buy bee frames, it is important to know what are the advantages of different models. There are options made of wood, polymeric materials or plastic.

  • Wood frames. The advantages include ease of manufacture, so you can make the right number of frames yourself. Such models are environmentally friendly, since wood is a natural material. They are distinguished by good ability for ventilation and maintaining the desired temperature. However, the tree is subject to the negative effects of the environment. Under the scorching sun, the wood cracks and dries up, and the autumn-spring rains lead to the destruction and decay of the frames. In addition, the tree is spoiled by rodents and other harmful microorganisms. Wooden frames for bees are heavy, so they are not so easy to transport to the right place.
  • Plastic frames. These are lightweight and durable modern designs. They are durable, do not leak or crack under the influence of negative environmental factors. Plastic will not be destroyed by rodents or other pests. You can use such a frame in a honey extractor of any design. The disadvantages include the fact that in the event of a breakdown, the product will have to be thrown away, since it cannot be repaired. Plastic is a man-made material, so bees are reluctant to build their combs on it. To solve this problem, beekeepers cover the frame with a thin layer of wax.

You can purchase models in various sizes. There are options for Dadan-Blatt hives. Their size: 30 cm by 43.5 cm. The upper plank has a two-sided ledge one and a half centimeters wide. Classical Ukrainian houses for bees also have a width of 30 cm and a height of 43.5 cm. Frames for honey 30 cm by 25.5 cm are set in the Lagonstrop-Root hives with indents of one centimeter. Store models are distinguished by a small height – 14.5 cm.

Learn more about honey frames on the website It is important that you always have the right supply. If you have any questions, please contact the consultants of the company. They will help you make the right choice.