Salt performs many functions when it is applied to food. For example, it keeps food fresh longer because it sucks moisture out of it. Salt also improves the texture of baked goods. How to use it in cooking – we tell in the material.

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What types of salt and how to use them

Salt great for baking.

Kosher salt – versatile and can be added to any food.

Sea salt used as a stop for gourmets.

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How and when to salt food to improve its taste

Pasta: Salt your food ahead of time and don’t be afraid to add too much.

Meat: Beef and pork can be salted a few hours before cooking.

Vegetables: it is better to add salt at the beginning or during cooking.

Potato: Salt water before adding potatoes.

Soups you can salt all the ingredients before putting them in the pan. For example, while frying onions and tomatoes, add salt while they are still in the pan.

Salads: add a little salt to the sauce just before serving.

What to do if you add too much salt

Try adding a few more ingredients first. If it’s a soup or sauce, a glass of water or broth will help. For a salad, try adding lemon juice or olive oil.

If you think that fresh potatoes will magically pull out all the extra salt, then it doesn’t really work.