Are you determined to get in shape? Excellent! We know that you will have many pleasant moments – during running or any other physical activity that will help you improve your overall physical condition. But here’s the catch: physical activity alone isn’t enough. It is very important to constantly monitor your results and progress. Why? Here are 8 reasons to track your fitness level…

Reason 1: Awareness

Monitoring results in sports (as in any other activity, for that matter) is very important, because it keeps you updated on how close you are to your goals. If the results are not as expected, something needs to be changed and it is important to understand this as soon as possible. Without understanding what’s going on with your body, performance, and skills, there’s little point in getting in better shape.

Reason 2: Motivation

Progress in training is what keeps us going, getting better and better. If you check your progress regularly, you will realize how much your efforts pay off week after week. Introspection will give you extra energy for new achievements. And since low motivation is one of the most common problems in regular training, it’s good to do your best to maintain it.

Reason 3: Increasing self-confidence

To become better, stronger, faster or more skillful is what we all dream of. By carefully tracking your training progress, you can easily see what you have achieved, and this will certainly increase your self-confidence. And that’s great because it will help you. achieve better results in all other activities in life.

Reason 4: Error Correction

Not all of us are experts in various sports, and progress is often not what you expected. Why? Probably because you make mistakes in training. And you know what? It is much easier to notice these errors, if you constantly monitor changes in your performance. And of course, make corrections, achieving better results.

Reason 5: Individual approach

Another benefit of regularly monitoring your fitness level is the ability to adjust the load depending on your current results and ​​states. Adjustments in training are inevitable – even the best athletes in the world need to change their training schedule and exercises from time to time, as this is the only way to maintain their effectiveness. Don’t be afraid to make changes to your workouts – it can benefit you in the long run.

Reason 6: Variety

Controlling your athletic level is useful not only to check your progress, but also for variety. Regular workouts can sometimes be pretty monotonous, so it would be nice to add a new ritual: check results. Seeing the numbers and doing the calculations is sometimes even interesting – especially when it comes to your everyday workout.

Reason 7: Maintaining health

The main goal of an active lifestyle is usually health. But, unfortunately, sometimes the desire to stay in shape leads to negative consequences. It is very easy to get carried away with training and overdo it. Performance monitoring is also important because can help you prevent serious injury or other health problems.

Reason 8: Rapid progress

There can be no real progress without an analysis of past changes. And physical training is no exception. Accounting for changes in your overall fitness results in a number of positives. And one of the most important, of course, is rapid progress. Thus, constant self-monitoring will allow you to significantly improve the results – and isn’t that what you always wanted?