Sedentary lifestyle

Recently, a person has been leading a less active lifestyle, moving to private cars, home sofas and computers. Yes, it makes our life easier, eliminating excessive stress. But not much longer, alas! After all, not only we rest, but also our heart, which, in fact, is not programmed for this. The lack of movement in our lives is fraught with rapid deterioration of this organ and subsequent problems.

Today, doctors emphasize that each of us must train and train. No, now we will not talk about professional training in the gym with weight lifting, hunting for Olympic records, etc. We will talk about what is not only necessary, but also available to each of us, and without large cash injections – about cardio workouts.

Mandatory item of the program

Even if you do sports in the gym, remember that your workout should start with cardio warm-ups. Otherwise, the full effect of strength exercises will not be realized. So what are cardio workouts?

1. running

This is the best cardio workout, not only on the treadmill, but also in the woods in the morning or at the stadium. Its effectiveness has long been proven. It’s just a matter of suitable shoes: with thick soles for winter, and thin ones for summer. With the obligatory supinator! If the shoes are not suitable, then you will experience pain in the knees and lower legs. You can also start training in the gym by running on the track – this will help you set the right note and maximize the effect of training.

2. Elliptical Trainer

Be sure to devote some time to this wonderful simulator in the gym – it allows you to distribute the load immediately on all parts of the body. Now it is one of the most popular simulators, it imitates running, walking uphill, running uphill, and this perfectly strengthens the heart. Of course, you can buy it at home, but as practice shows, it will gradually become part of the situation.

3. Step aerobics, dancing

Aerobics can also be practiced at home by including a ready-made set of exercises on DVD. This is a very interesting way to listen to good rhythmic music and train your heart at the same time. Although dancing can do the same. But training in the gym, in good company, with a professional instructor is more effective.

4. Walking

This is something that is available to everyone – anytime, anywhere. The main thing is to allocate time and decide on a place. But it is necessary to take into account the need to work with your hands so that this workout is in the style of “cardio”. You will notice the result immediately, in the form of excellent digestion, good mood and energy.

5. Yoga

We understand that this is hard to believe, but in this form there are energetic loads in which the heart will beat quite intensively. For example, Ashtanga yoga is a combination of yoga postures and aerobics. But here we advise you to contact the instructor for a detailed study of the training program.

This is not a complete list of available cardio loads. But we are sure that you have understood the right train of thought and will be able to identify and choose the right one for you.

And remember, you should be guided by the principle in this matter:A short workout is better than none!» Just because you don’t have time for aerobics to music doesn’t mean you can’t walk the stairs instead of taking the elevator. And nothing, the series will wait, but your heart cannot wait!