1. Think about your life goals

Remind yourself often that the purpose of life is not to work 10-hour days, five days a week, and then retire and move somewhere down south. The true goal is to discover your calling and enjoy every step of the way to it. In the end, what will be left behind you will come down to two questions: “How did I affect the lives of other people?” and “What have I served and what have I done better?”.

2. Stop defeatist thoughts

Life will periodically throw up difficulties and unfair situations. In such cases, it is important not to dwell on the negative, not to scroll through your anxieties, doubts and bad forebodings over and over again. After all, the difference between successful people and the rest is how long they feel sorry for themselves.

Take a cue from the first: get back on your feet, adapt, learn from failure and use it. And don’t get caught up in the past. This mindset will free you from suffocating guilt and analysis paralysis.

3. Share joy with others

We constantly hear news about something bad, and sometimes it’s quite difficult not to drown in negativity. Make it a habit to tell friends, family, and colleagues something good. Scientists provedthat talking about the joyful events that happen to you is the path to happiness. Those study participants who shared positive experiences with another person at least twice a week were more satisfied with their lives. Try it too.

Take every opportunity to share something joyful: a motivational quote, a funny picture, an inspiring story, a joke, a useful book, an article, a podcast, or just good news. This will cheer up the other person, and their response will inspire you.

4. Hang out with positive people

Eternally dissatisfied people, like an uninvited disease, infect everyone around with their mood. And from negative thinking rises the level of stress and anxiety, the feeling of happiness decreases.

During communication, pay attention to how people perceive the world around them. If for someone the glass is half empty and the person always sees only the bad, try to spend less time with him. Communicate more with those who are ready to support you and inspire you, and do not pull you down.