Tattoos, piercings and plastic surgeries are quite popular right now among young women. Oncologist-mammologist Viktor Fedoseikin told whether such jewelry can lead to breast cancer.


According to the specialist, punctures of the nipples can cause complications. Most often this is due to the fact that hygiene is not observed during the healing period of punctures. in turn, this leads to inflammation, pain, and other problems. The specialist warned that if pus is released, you need to urgently consult a doctor.

The procedure itself must be carried out carefully and in compliance with all the rules. in addition, it is worth contacting only experienced masters, otherwise cysts and other side effects are possible. Also, a non-professional can make an asymmetrical puncture, which can cause the channel to deform.

In addition, in this case, another danger awaits – a possible allergy to the metal from which the jewelry is made.

The ideal option is medical alloys, to which our body practically does not react. If you insert an inappropriate decoration into a fresh puncture, then a whole bunch of unpleasant consequences are possible: itching, rash, inflammation, swelling at the puncture site, ” – he said in an interview with “Evening Moscow”.

The doctor pointed out that the nipples are constantly in contact with clothing, and this can cause injury if the jewelry is accidentally hooked.

However, the specialist reassured: nipple piercing can provoke infections and create problems during breastfeeding, it is not capable of causing breast cancer.

Fedoseikin said.

Breast implants

The installation of breast implants does not provoke oncological diseases and breast cancer. But there have been several cases where patients who underwent such a procedure were diagnosed with anaplastic large cell lymphoma, a rare form of cancer.

The surgeon noted that a connection between the installation of relief breast implants of a certain company and an increased risk of this cancer was confirmed, after which its products were recalled.

According to the specialist, women with breast implants are more difficult to examine because they impair visualization on mammograms. But it is still possible to diagnose, but only in other projections.

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