Popular products for children for St. Nicholas Day. Choose the best gift for your child!
Children under the pillow: a selection of desired gifts
The reality is that babies are waiting under the pillow not for a chocolate bar, but for something much more substantial. So that you don’t have to surf the Internet for a long time and look for the answer to the question of what children want now, we have prepared a selection of goods for which the biggest demand is on the eve of St. Nicholas Day.

LEGO Ninjago Tropical SUV

“Yes, we already have so many designers at home,” you say. We know we are. But children see it differently. Old constructors have already been played and mastered. The children’s mind always strives for something new, and each new construction set is a mystery and a challenge to the little creators of a new gaming reality. With the 127-piece Lego Tropical SUV playset, kids can enjoy jungle adventures with a car with big tires and a ninja warrior minifigure. A portable set-top box with removable joysticks is a gadget for a child’s leisure time, which will come in handy under any conditions. At home, on the road, on vacation – anywhere you can take and play alone or with a friend. And when you want to arrange gaming on the big screen, you can easily connect the console to your TV. In general, the dream of any child and salvation for parents on the road. Children love Foxtrot’s animated advertising with Foxy the fox, the brand character of the company. In commercials, Foxy either turns into a superhero, or becomes a demonic bargain hunter, or relaxes or dances to her songs, and sometimes gets into funny situations with home appliances and gadgets. With the Foxy soft toy, the child will be able to play using all these scenarios, and it is also so cozy to sleep with her in an embrace!

Play set LI’L WOODZEEZ Kindergarten

As you know, children really like to play reality, recreate it with toys and play out stories from life. That’s why the Kindergarten set is so popular. There are a lot of details here with which the child will build a kindergarten space with a playground, an easel, a picnic area and a recreation building.

Doll LOL Surprise! Series Furniture S4 Lady-Relax

How the little ones love sets with LOL dolls! After all, there are so many different surprises that children unpack with joyful delight. Lady-Relax is a set that allows a child to create a whole recreation complex. The box unfolds and turns into a seating area where you can set up a swinging hammock. There are 10 surprises in the set: doll, clothes, shoes, hammock, bottle, furniture and background, accessories. Playing with the set, the child develops logical thinking, spatial perception, fine motor skills, attention and imagination.

Tablet SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A7 10.4 WiFi 3/32GB

Cartoons! As well as videos of favorite children’s bloggers and educational educational games for boys and girls, it is most convenient to watch on a tablet. The phone screen is too small and the laptop is difficult for a child to operate. Present a tablet – and the little owner will be great, and parents will get some free time.