Open pores, according to many, help nutrients enter the body more efficiently, but this is not the case. Of course, skin steaming is indeed used in certain cosmetic procedures, but at home it is better to treat this method with extreme caution. Dermatologist Olga Bozhok, exclusively for we, told what consequences the misuse of ointments could result in.

Most often, pharmacy ointments are used when any skin problems appear without the appointment of a specialist. Taking care of the state of health is good, but self-prescribing drugs, especially potent ones, can lead to serious complications, since a person, not knowing the source of an unpleasant manifestation, begins to fight not with the cause, but with the consequence of the disease.

“If there are no specific doctor’s prescriptions, then you can’t use medicines from a pharmacy, because this can lead to irreversible consequences”the expert noted.

It is possible to aggravate the situation with diseases on the body if the skin is damaged, which also happens after steaming. Potent agents applied after this procedure can cause serious harm to the entire body. In the practice of Olga Bozhok, there were cases when patients came after they applied, after a bath, seemingly harmless vitamin ointments, for example, aevit. Problems can also arise for those who have never asked for help before.

“It would seem that vitamins A, E are very useful, necessary for our skin, but with such powerful damage, it caused a huge allergic reaction, given that a person has never had an allergic reaction, neither to vitamins, nor to anything”the expert said.

The use of funds for other purposes can form an allergy, which will then be very difficult to cope with. The immune reaction to the drug can be fixed in the body and occur during the following interactions with the substance.

“If you form an allergy once, then the body, as a rule, remembers this and with subsequent simple contacts, for example, with vitamins or potent drugs, it can allow this reaction every time. Therefore, self-appointment should be treated very carefully and carefully.”– said Olga Bozhok.

the dermatologist cautioned.

Also, any ointments can be dangerous if wounds appear on the skin. The dermatologist warned that the use of vitamin creams for scratches, cracks and bleeding causes serious harm to the body.

“If there is blood <…> or very, very cracked, dry skin, then creams with vitamins can cause an allergic reaction”said the doctor.

It is necessary to first cure problem areas, and then apply vitamins. Also, do not strain the skin with nutrients, if everything is in order with their content in the body.

The specialist also urged not to use the funds without a doctor’s prescription, as a skin problem can be associated with other diseases. Also, according to the dermatologist, you should carefully approach the choice of cosmetics. When choosing them, be sure to pay attention to the components and certification of the product.

“Just look at the composition, look at the registration of these products, so that they are registered, have all the documents that confirm that this product is safe, that it has been tested, like any cosmetic brand”– said Olga Bozhok.

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