In every couple there are difficulties that force partners to think about their compatibility. Problems that negatively affect relationships include betrayal or betrayal. But there are other obstacles that, surprisingly, can positively affect spouses.

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1. Constant quarrels

Quarrels are not always a sign of a serious conflict. Psychologists say that this means trust – you can openly talk to each other about your feelings. Quarrels can be considered positive if you are arguing over a bucket of trash or scattered things. These conflicts should be learned to resolve with specific actions that will help improve your life. But if you quarrel because of dissatisfaction with the habits and character of your partner, then you should think about whether you can put up with what cannot be changed.

2. Fantasies about other people

Interestingly, psychologists believe that fantasies are the oldest aphrodisiac. The game of imagination helps to look at your partner from the other side – physically and emotionally. Dreams of a nice colleague can have a very positive effect on your relationship, if your husband does not find out about this, of course. Scientists are sure that such “diversity” will be useful as long as it brings inspiration. If you literally start living in the images of other men, then this can create a real problem in marriage.

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3. Husband’s workload

If a spouse works without diligence and earns little – it’s bad, when he works day and night – it’s also not very good. But in any case, the second option is naturally better. But how to deal with resentment when you have all the life and children, and he comes home only to spend the night? Psychologists say that first of all, a woman needs to accept such circumstances. And secondly, learn how to productively spend a joint weekend: get out somewhere together, organize walks, trips out of town, picnics, going to the movies. After all, we all know that pleasant leisure is not a sofa plus a TV, but new vivid impressions and relaxation with loved ones.

4. Spending a lot of money on a hobby

Undoubtedly, if a spouse lowers half the salary on his hobby, when the apartment bills are not paid, and the children have grown out of shoes, this is at least strange. But if there is enough at home, then let the man have an outlet. Spouses must develop personally, and without a favorite thing, this is difficult to achieve.

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5. Flirt online

This can only have a positive effect on your relationship if you communicate virtually. A married woman sometimes just needs to feel that she can charm other men. The most innocuous way is to get your portion of attention and compliments on the Internet. However, it’s okay if you don’t let yourself go beyond. A new flirtation with another man may seem better to you than what you already have. But remember that any “fresh” sooner or later becomes “ordinary”.


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