Despite the fact that potatoes are rich in vitamins and contain a large amount of trace elements, as well as minerals, its beneficial properties depend on the method of preparation. This was told by gastroenterologist Elena Grek.

“The most harmful way to cook potatoes is frying. Oil more than doubles the calorie content of the dish. 100 grams of boiled potatoes contain about 80 kilocalories, and 100 grams of fried potatoes contain almost 200 kilocalories.she explained in an interview with

According to the expert, during frying, hot oil also releases harmful substances – carcinogens. They negatively affect the human nervous system and increase the risk of developing cancer.

The specialist pointed out: easy-to-prepare mashed potatoes can harm the body. She explained that when potatoes are boiled and mashed, dietary fiber can be destroyed. In addition, in this case, starch is released, which can contribute to a sharp jump in the blood.

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