The appearance of a person is of great importance. It is especially important to monitor the condition of the skin, as it reflects everything that happens inside the human body. There are many ways to maintain her condition. Dermatologist Olga Bozhok helped to sort out the problem exclusively for we.

What should never be used for skin care?

Many, seeking to save on skin care products, resort to pharmaceutical preparations. However, not all of them are beneficial.

The expert named several means that categorically cannot be used. These include:

  • Alcohol
  • antiseptic substances.
  • Antibiotics.
  • Hydrogen peroxide.

All of them damage the skin barrier and disrupt the condition of microorganisms living on the skin.

Why choose cosmetics instead of pharmaceuticals?

Many people are afraid to use cosmetic preparations because I think they are quite expensive, but the dermatologist noted that this is a myth.

“Cosmetics can be both cheaper and more effective”the specialist said.

The cost of any drugs varies, but even if pharmaceutical and cosmetic products have the same price tag, the effect of their use can be radically different.

The dermatologist said that if there is a choice between the use of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, then preference should be given to the second group, since they have a small difference in price, but a big difference in composition and the presence of useful properties.

“The fact is that the same vaseline, the same glycerin, it will cost as much as a moisturizer. Only in a moisturizer this fraction will contain 3-4 more components that will have a beneficial effect on the skin, and glycerin will be simply unpleasant to use, ” — said the dermatologist.

If you lubricate your hands every time immediately after washing with cream, then moisture will be better, the epidermal barrier will be better, the skin will react less to some external manifestations and factors, ” the specialist said.

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