Cool and original gifts for girls. Many guys before every holiday puzzle themselves with the question: “What to give your girlfriend?” We have made a huge selection of the most original gifts for men! These representatives of the stronger sex did their best to really impress their soulmate. Look, be touched, show your friends, share ideas with your friends and comment!

what to give a girl

All women love gifts! The girls are looking forward to the next holiday to receive the treasured romantic gifts. Truth?

It is especially pleasant to receive them from our loved ones. After all, they know how to please and what little thing to please. Truly sincere gifts please our soul, from which you feel that our loved one really cares about us and knows our preferences better than anyone else!

We have collected for you a selection of the best gifts from men who really put all their strength, skills, efforts, creativity and romance to surprise their soulmate and show how much they love.

Enjoy watching, and be sure to write in the comments what original gifts the men gave you! 🙂

1. This guy replaced the numbers on the scales with compliments.

unusual scales

2. The man reacted to the gift with a special touch of romanticism …
what to give your wife

3. My wife wanted a place in the house to hang her stockings and I made it for her.

home decor

4. For Valentine’s Day, a husband created an incredible room for his wife, decorated with 7,000 notes from memories.

decorate the house for the holidays

5. How do you like this message from the gardener?

make a girl happy

6. The wife went away for two days and I made this window for her.

decorate the house

7. I made a cozy bed for my wife yesterday!

make a romantic halabuda

8. My wife dreamed of a dog for so long

gift to wife

9. I made a bag for my beloved with my own hands.

what gift to make with your own hands to a girl

10. Eternal rose with my own hands for my wife.

do-it-yourself eternal rose

11. Perhaps a great idea for a sweetheart who just got tired from work.

romance for a girl

12. Sometimes, just cleaning is the best gift.

cleaning the house

13. When my wife and I had a difficult period, we saved money, I decided to make flowers with my own hands from paper.

make a paper bouquet

14. This is our favorite. I decided to please my wife.

birthday gift

15. My wife went over with alcohol last night. I decided to make a romantic room out of the toilet.

gift girl

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16. I decided to make a cupcake ferris wheel for our wedding. She was happy, she liked it!

Present for the wedding

17. I suggested to my beloved to paint the wall. We were crazy about the process itself and we were pleased with the result.

what to do with a girl

18. My wife told me for a long time to buy a bench to put it near the house. I just added a little creativity.

make a bench with your own hands

19. My love always prepares dessert for me. This time I decided to please her.

make a birthday cake

20. While my wife was on a business trip, I decided to do some repairs.

home repairs

21. Beautiful + practical + with your own hands and with love. Well, what could be better?

DIY gift

22. Woke up his wife on the right side of the bed.

pleasantness to wife

23. For Valentine’s Day, I made these earrings for my girlfriend. We met her at the play store.

DIY earrings

24. I made my sweetheart a small breakfast.

breakfast for your beloved

25. I made bacon roses for my wife.

gift to wife

26. I made dragon eggs.

Original gifts

27. She has long wanted a dog. I fulfilled her dream.

cute gift for girl

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28. I decided to please her with my cake.

make your own cake

29. I made two in one. And a mirror and a cabinet for storing jewelry.

do-it-yourself wardrobe and dressing table mirror

30. My girlfriend goes to school. I wrote her 365 letters for each day, in each of which, a love letter.

make a romantic gift

31. I bought a gift for a girl yesterday. We have been looking for it for a long time 🙂

donate a cat

32. I made a ring out of metallic clay.

DIY clay ring

33. I am a rock climber, and I gave my girlfriend magnets in the shape of me and her.

cool gifts for others

34. I love the work of the artist Salvador Dali. My boyfriend painted his pictures on slip-ons for Valentine’s Day.

funny gifts for valentine

35. I gave my girlfriend a sushi pillow. Each egg on top, a separate pillow.

birthday pillow

36. My beloved loves the tale of Cinderella. I took her to Disneyland and then I gave her this…
original gift for wife

37. I gave this to my beloved for her birthday. Called it the happiness meter. The closer I am to her, the happier I am.

cool gift

38. I decided to surprise my wife for the wedding. She loves Beauty and the Beast, so I decided to make a stained glass window for our apartment.

cool gift

39. My wife loves foxes, I decided to draw this for her.

appropriate gift

40. For my beloved, real relaxation is painting your long nails. I decided to surprise her.

original gifts list

41. She fell ill, and we could not leave the house. I decided to do something nice and prepared a delicious dinner.

delicious gift for a girl

42. Just before the New Year, my girlfriend broke her arm, I decided to do art …

gifts for girl

43. We had such a problem with crossing the fence in our yard. I made it from scratch.

handmade gift for girl

44. My boyfriend made sweet cookies for me for Valentine’s Day.

cookies to make at home for valentine's day

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45. I made a pendant for my girlfriend.

make a pendant for a girl

46. ​​I made a cozy corner for my wife from her favorite books and added frames. Wrote down all her favorite quotes.

make an original gift

47. My gift to my beloved.

men gifts

48. My friend created the cartoon “Christmas Tree”.

what to give your wife

49. Made a leather wallet. He will always remind her of me.

what to give your wife

50. I wanted to scream with happiness when I found out that this pendant contains dirt from Mars. (This is really original)

original gifts list

51. I made a word clock for my girlfriend for her birthday. Exactly once a year there is a message.

DIY gifts list

52. My boyfriend gave me this present and told me to open it at work when I have a bad day. Today I opened it, and my mood lifted!

nice little things for girls

53. Made a surprise for her. She will come home and we will go to a romantic dinner.

pleasant things for women

54. I knew that my girlfriend loves the smell of wood. I gave this to her for her birthday.

nice little things for wives

55.Tomorrow our relationship will be exactly one year old. Since I can’t afford to buy an expensive gift, I made her a can of homemade bath bombs.

sweet romantic touches

56. We have been looking for a similar large stand for cosmetics in stores for a long time and could not find anything. My husband decided to make it himself out of wood and magnets. Comfortable, practical and beautiful!

practical gifts

57. My boyfriend made this huge cake for me!

sweet gift

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58. I made a headboard for my wife from an old door.

nice little thing in the house

59. A message in a bottle for my girlfriend when she is very far away from me.

gifts for girls

60. I made such a portrait for my girlfriend.

portrait donate

61. I made sweets in the form of flowers for my beloved

delicious sweet gift for girl

62. She was upset that there were no more messages left on her phone when we talked in the first month of our acquaintance. I took over 300 screenshots of mine and printed them on roll paper. Gave her memories…

give an iphone

63. My husband, when he was my boyfriend, painted this amazing picture.

picture write a gift

64. She wanted a burger – she got it.

make a burger

65. My boyfriend made a beautiful photo frame.

funny birthday frame

66. I cry with joy, because I’m going to the concert of my favorite band.

original gifts for a girl

67. I had a birthday. I woke up and saw a lot of different things on the table! Basically, it was all my favorite drinks.

cool gifts

How do you like such gifts from men? What unusual gifts did you get for the holidays? Share it with us in the comments!


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