If a person has problems with sleep, do not rush to the pharmacy for sleeping pills. Certain products can help with this issue. In an interview with URA.RU, the therapist Olga Usatova named the most effective.

First of all, she explained that three components are responsible for wakefulness and sleep in the body: tryptophan, serotonin and melatonin. Tryptophan is an amino acid found only in certain foods. It synthesizes serotonin and melatonin. The first is responsible for cheerfulness during the daytime, the second – for the duration of sleep and its quality.

Therefore, in order for a person to fall asleep without problems, there must be a sufficient amount of Troptophan in the body.

“Sesame, pistachios, cashews, almonds and hazelnuts. These nuts are the absolute champions in the content of this amino acid. For example, seven pistachios or 28 grams of almonds are enough to produce a sufficient amount of melatonin. – said the specialist.

In addition to nuts, meat, fish and seafood will help improve sleep. Particular attention should be paid to rabbit meat, turkey, halibut, salmon, trout, mackerel, lobster, octopus, shrimp, lobster, crayfish, oysters and scallops. Also, some legumes are effective for sleep: beans and lentils.

It is possible to raise the level of serotonin with the help of fermented milk products.

“Colonies of beneficial bacteria produce 80% of the serotonin in the body. Therefore, maintaining the colon microbiota population will be another tool in maintaining healthy sleep.” added the therapist.

All of the above products must be consumed no later than three hours before bedtime, Usatova concluded.

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