The presence of a metallic taste in the mouth indicates several characteristic diseases, such as gastritis or an ulcer. This was told by a toxicologist, doctor of medical sciences Mikhail Kutushov.

According to the expert, most often this taste occurs when the upper parts of the digestive tract are affected.

“With gastritis and an uncomplicated stomach ulcer, there is an increased production of hydrochloric acid, and blood is released from the damaged mucous membrane. At the same time, patients periodically feel the characteristic taste of metal in their mouths, experience heartburn and nausea. – wrote Mikhail Kutushov in his Telegram channel.

In addition, a metallic taste can indicate kidney disease. In this case, there is a violation of the excretory function and the accumulation of endogenous toxins in the blood.

“The symptom is aggravated by dehydration, and after rinsing the mouth with water, relief comes for a short time,” the doctor explained.

Also, an unpleasant sensation in the mouth can be caused by: drinking mineral water, anemia, wearing braces.

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