Didn’t sleep again? Don’t worry – you are not alone in this world. The fast pace of modern life leaves few people with enough time for normal sleep. And we, it would seem, are already so accustomed to this that we consider it the norm to sleep for four to five hours a day, absolutely not thinking about the consequences for our body. What exactly threatens constant lack of sleep?

Gain extra pounds

It has long been proven that lack of sleep negatively affects your weight. The reason for this is that the body begins to secrete more hormones that are responsible for appetite. Thus, the chances of gaining excess weight increase significantly.

get diabetes

Studies show that people who sleep five hours a night or less are 2.5 times more likely to develop diabetes. Those who sleep at least six hours, also exposing themselves to risk, but a little less – the probability increases by 1.7 times. Diabetes is a serious, incurable disease and can bring many problems, so it’s not too late to take action.

Learn about heart problems

At first glance, a fairly innocent thing, such as lack of sleep, can have extremely negative consequences for your heart. A heart attack is 45% more likely to occur in those who sleep five hours or less per night compared to those who sleep more. Lack of sleep leads to a buildup of calcium in the arteries of the heart, which can lead to a heart attack or stroke.

Increase the risk of getting into an accident

Did you know that 20% of traffic accidents are due to drivers who fell asleep at the wheel? Lack of sleep can cost your life not only to you, but also to those who will be in the same car with you, or those who will still be on the road. Do you really think that your life and the lives of other people who may be harmed are worth a few extra hours of sleep?

To fall into depression

Those who do not get enough sleep regularly are more prone to various kinds of mental disorders. They are more likely to become depressed, and sometimes even begin to abuse alcohol. This applies not only to adults, but also to adolescents, students, who very often do not have the opportunity to sleep well. It is very important that your sleep is really healthy, as it directly affects your health and well-being.