Remote work reduces the physical activity of office workers, which leads to health problems, including the occurrence of thrombosis. Cardiovascular surgeon Igor Doronin warned about this.

“With increasing digitalization, people have less and less reason to leave their homes and move in general. This is facilitated by remote work and the development of services such as home delivery of groceries and meals. And a decrease in physical activity provokes a lot of diseases, one of which is thrombosis, ” quotes the physician “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”.

Doronin noted that thrombosis is considered age sickness and develops most often after 60 years, but may occur earlier. The doctor attributed a sedentary (sedentary) lifestyle to the main risk factors, in which blood circulation in the legs decreases, which contributes to the formation of blood clots.

“Sedentary people include office workers who do not play sports, as well as those who are forced to stay in bed for a long time, for example, due to illness,” Doronin noted.

Thrombosis is also associated with overweight and obesitywhen a person creates additional pressure on the veins. The same problem can occur in pregnant women, in whom, moreover, there is a physiological thickening of the blood. At the same time, the risk of developing thrombosis persists not only during pregnancy, but also up to six weeks after the birth of a child, the doctor emphasized.

explained the surgeon.

To prevent thrombosis, he recommended alternating relaxation and physical activity – walking, playing sports. Along with this, you need to monitor your weight, since extra pounds contribute to many ailments, including the formation of blood clots.

In addition, Doronin advised to drink enough water, as it thins the blood and prevents the formation of blood clots. And the last recommendation is a complete rejection of alcohol and cigarettes.

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