You are late for work and suddenly realize that there is no time to wash your hair. You reach for dry shampoo but realize you don’t have that either. No panic – in fact, it can be easily replaced by other, no less effective means. And most likely, you have them at home.

1. Cornstarch

Even just a little starch will help absorb excess oil from the scalp. In order not to overdo it, pour it into a salt shaker – it will be much more convenient for you to use it.

If you have dark hair, mix the starch with cocoa powder in equal proportions so that the product is not noticeable on your hair.

2. Setting face powder

Powder is designed to absorb excess sebum on the face. By the same principle, it will work with hair. Sometimes this remedy is even more effective than dry shampoo, which often contains components that irritate the scalp.

It is best to apply powder to the roots with a wide, fluffy makeup brush. Then it remains only to comb your hair to remove excess powder, and voila – you have a fresh and beautiful hairstyle again.

3. Apple cider vinegar

This secret was shared with The New York Times by stylist Christophe Robin, who worked with the hair of such celebrities as Catherine Deneuve and Tilda Swinton. When he doesn’t have dry shampoo on hand, he mixes 150 ml of water with five drops of apple cider vinegar and pours the resulting mixture into a spray bottle. After spraying, you will not only see, but also feel that your hair has become cleaner.

“Unlike dry shampoo, this mixture does not leave any residue, and vinegar is an excellent tonic for the scalp,” notes Christophe Robin.

4. Hand sanitizer

Alcohol, which is contained in the antiseptic, can dry out the skin of the hands. However, this property is ideal for eliminating oiliness at the roots of the hair. This method should be used very rarely and carefully, and if you have sensitive scalp, then it is better to refuse it altogether.

But if the situation is hopeless, and you have nothing but an antiseptic, you can rub a little product into the hair roots to refresh your hair.