1. Conform to international safety standards ECE R44

When traveling with a child, the most important thing is his safety in an unforeseen situation. The entire Junion car seat collection complies with international safety standards ECE R44. This means that the models have been dynamically tested at a speed of 50 km/h.

Baby seats are equipped with five-point internal seat belts – two on the shoulders, one around the waist and one between the legs. Such a system securely fixes the child. In models for older children, the passenger is fastened with standard seat belts.

Another important parameter when choosing a car seat is the reliability of fastening. If the driver needs to make a sharp turn or brake, it must remain in place. There are several different options in the Junion line. For example, Junion Lui or Junion Bruno are fixed with standard belts. They are suitable for cars that do not have Isofix brackets for attaching the seat directly to the body. And in salons where such a system is available, you can use the Junion Ebby, Junion Odri and Junion Monti models. The Junion Odri and Junion Ebby also have a Top Tether anchor. It fixes the seat in the cabin more firmly.

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2. Come in different sizes and designs

Junion car seats come in different sizes and designs
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Children grow up in different ways. Some are constantly falling short of their peers, while others, on the contrary, are rapidly surpassing their peers. That’s why all Junion models are designed so that parents can find the right seat for their child. The required parameters are sorted by weight groups. Age is indicative:

  • Group 0 – for babies up to six months and weighing up to 10 kilograms.
  • Group 0+ – for children from birth to a year who weigh up to 13 kilograms
  • Group 1 – for children from nine months to four years old and weighing 9-18 kilograms.
  • Group 2 – for children 3-7 years old, who weigh from 15 to 25 kilograms.
  • Group 3 – for schoolchildren 6-12 years old and weighing 22-36 kilograms.

Some chairs are universal and “grow” with the child. In these, it is easy to adjust the seat for height, transform the internal mounts for the passenger and remove the liners. For example, Junion Odri and Junion Ebby refer to group 0–1–2–3, that is, they are suitable for children from birth to 12 years old, who weigh no more than 36 kilograms. And Junion Dino, Junion Bruno, Junion Monti are group 1–2–3. They can be used approximately from one year to 12 years, if the weight of the child is in the range of 9-36 kilograms.

Junion also has boosters – backless seats with small armrests. They take up less space than standard chairs. The passenger is fixed in such models with a standard seat belt. It is also easy to turn semi-universal transforming chairs Junion Bruno and Junion Dino into a booster. These models cover groups 1-2-3 and are suitable for children who weigh between 9 and 36 kilograms.

3. Equipped with useful options

Junion car seats are equipped with useful options
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Sometimes children have a snack on the road or ask for a drink. It’s good to have an adult nearby who can help. But this is not always the case, and simply leaving a drink and snacks next to a child is a risky undertaking. He can drop something, start acting up and distract the driver. In such cases, a chair with a cup holder will not hurt. Junion Croco is just equipped with a strong water holder – the child can easily reach the drink and not spill it all over the cabin.

The Junion Monti and Junion Odri models come with additional accessories – for example, an anatomical inlay mattress for newborns. When the child grows up a little, you can remove the insert, and over time, change the way the passenger is secured from the internal belts to the regular seat belt.

Junion Odri, Junion Aspen, Junion Ebby models have a swivel mechanism at the base. It is needed to make it more convenient for parents to put a small child in or out of the car.

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4. Their straps don’t chafe or pinch your skin

Their straps do not rub or squeeze the skin
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For a successful trip, it is not enough just to secure the child in the seat. It is important that nothing interferes with him and does not cause discomfort. The internal straps of each Junion model are padded. They do not squash and do not leave irritation.

The manufacturer also took care of the quality of the fabric: Junion seat covers will not wear out in a couple of months. They are also easy to remove and clean if the child spills juice or stains the upholstery with shoes.

5. Look good in any car

The design of the Junion line was created by a specialist who develops car interiors. In addition, Junion made sure that the colors used in the models are combined with each other. This is how a neutral range of shades was born, which complements the minimalist design of the seats.

The Junion safety seat is not just a transportation device, but also a stylish accessory. The line includes models of light gray, beige and black colors. These chairs will go well with the interior of any car.

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