Ideas 24 have prepared tips to help you deal with your character. Read more below.

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1. Indiscretion

In childhood, we are taught not to be an upstart, even if there is some kind of talent. And then we carry it all into adulthood and silently wait for the boss to notice our good work and increase our salary.

Everyone has talents. Knowing them and not being afraid to talk about them is an important skill that will make your life better.

Do not hide your talents / Photo ask

2. Laziness

Laziness is a good indicator that you are tired, burned out, or depressed. If nothing else makes you happy and you barely have enough energy to watch TV shows in bed, this is a serious symptom.

So you don’t need to fight laziness (you need to be able to relax). But it’s better to listen to her.

Sometimes you should allow yourself to be lazy / Photo ask

3. Stubbornness

Much more often, stubbornness helps you than hurts you.

When in childhood they tried to feed you semolina porridge, but you did not open your mouth, you cried. So you showed that you do not want to eat porridge. In adulthood, they try to “feed” you with worse things: injustice, extra responsibilities, and so on. It is logical that your opponent would like it more if you silently chewed. But you’ve grown up and you can fight back. So stubbornness only helps you defend your boundaries.

It is worth defending your opinion if you are sure that you are right / Photo ask

4. Indifference

In fact, if you take everything to heart, you can go crazy. There is a lot of injustice, pain, suffering in the world. Just open any news feed. If each message is passed through itself, there will be little left of you. The ability to remain indifferent, and healthy cynicism help to defend against the surrounding reality.

5. Emotionality

Emotions are there for a reason. Moreover, they are not divided into good and bad, they are just a response to external events and internal states.

Moreover, if emotions are suppressed for too long, they will still find a way out, or begin to destroy you from the inside.

So let yourself cry at the movie, laugh at the YouTube videos, and get angry at the person who drove through a puddle and poured water over you from head to toe.

Do not hide your emotions, because you have them for a reason / Photo ask

6. Conflict

It’s good to be calm, non-conflict and everyone likes you. In general, everyone around is good when you are calm and non-conflict.

But when you are ready to openly enter into a conflict, you sit in the place that you yourself have chosen, do not do their work for others and feel pretty good about yourself.