September 1 is coming soon, and the child resists preparations for school and resolutely does not want to go to school. How to be parents in this situation?


How to motivate a first grader?

After the usual kindergarten, where a company of friends has already formed, the future first-grader is afraid of everything new and unfamiliar. Relatives add fuel to the fire, constantly reminding the baby that soon everything in his life will change. And at the same time, no one can really say what awaits him on an unknown planet called “school”. The child is scared and does not want to go to school. Help him deal with his anxiety.

Describe in detail how it will go the first day at school, Many adults attribute their own fears to the child and assume that the child cares that he reads the slowest in the class. In fact, the fears of a preschooler most often lie in a different plane. Will they force him to eat oatmeal in the school cafeteria (in kindergarten, his mother asked the teacher not to do this)? Will the parents remember to pick him up after school? The more detailed you answer all the questions, the calmer your baby will look at the upcoming changes.

Discuss different options meeting classmates. For example, you can tell your desk mate what a cool pencil case he has, or discuss the office.

List benefits of being a student. We talk so much about responsibility to children that they feel like first grade is the end of freedom. But in fact, there are many advantages in the life of schoolchildren: they do not need to sleep during the day; during the first weeks they are taken from school earlier than from kindergarten; there is a playground in the school yard, and a large selection of buns in the canteen. And how many new friends you can make!


Bad memories?

If your child had class conflicts or learning difficulties last school year, it’s no wonder they don’t want to immerse themselves in the school environment again. It is important to try to solve the problem.

Child quarreled with classmates? Help him mend his relationship. You can invite the guys from the class to meet the last day of summer. Let the child take one of them with him for company to buy notebooks. Relationships between classmates often start with a clean slate in the new school year – grievances over the summer are forgotten.

Study is not easy? Begin to calmly unravel the tangle of disparate and fragmentary knowledge. If a student is not given physics, in the remaining days of the holidays it is worth watching films with experiments, visiting a thematic museum. Promise your child that you will not scold him and continue to help him.

Emphasize that bad marks they will not divorce you and your child on opposite sides of the barricades. Most underachieving students experience an aversion to learning, not so much because of the difficulty of the subject, but because it creates the ground for conflict. If your child notices positive changes in your mood, your motivation will certainly increase.

By following these simple recommendations, you can inspire your child with optimism and set them up for work. And your kid will not be afraid to go to school.